Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo's new Lamborghii broke down

Life sucks when you have your 200k car break down.
Ok fine, maybe I will never know what that feeling is like, but my heart goes out to Soccer hottie Cristiano Ronaldo.

The baller only bought his Lamborghini Aventador a month ago and it has already broken down in the streets of Madrid. Aren’t these luxurious cars supposed to last a lot longer?
The Portuguese footballer was on the way to Real Madrid teammate Pepe’s birthday in the Spanish capital when the black supercar ground to a halt.

So CR7 had to call in mechanics to see if they could get it moving, before it was towed away.
As Ronaldo’s assistants waited for a tow truck to arrive, the Lamborghini was moved to a nearby pavement for safety.

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