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At last, Ghanian soccer star and CHELSEA FC of England midfield Michael Essein ends rift with Dad.

Micheal phoned his Dad and apologised for whatever wrong he might have done him and the once-infuruated old man has accepted his apologies.

At the moment Essien has resumed his support for the elderly man after a lengthy conversation they had to iron out their differences.

Mr. James Essien an ex footballer had turned to the local media for over a year now claiming that his son has abandoned him. Things got a head last week when the father threathened to end the chelsea star to court to stop using his family name.

Mr James Essien played for hearts of oaks during his playing days.

below is his conversation to an Accra based FM:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

California Coast claims another life HABA!

Maverick's claims life of emerging surf star Sion Milosky

Maverick's, the notoriously powerful big-wave surfing destination a half-mile beyond the Central California coast, has claimed another life.

Sion Milosky, an emerging star in a thrilling but dangerous sport, died Wednesday evening after a violent wipeout. The married father of two, who lived on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, was 35.

He becomes the second surfer to have died at Maverick's. The other was legendary big-wave rider Mark Foo, also from Hawaii, who drowned after a wipeout in 1994. After Foo's death, surfers began to keep a closer watch on one another from aboard jet-powered personal watercraft.



awwwwww im so grateful for your calls and mail,i missed you too; to those of you that are not aware of my illness well, i have been down for a while which is why i have not been able to blog regularly but now im back! Glory be to God.

*wink* wink* to those of you who contacted me but im *smh* and *side eyes,nose and eyes* to those of you that that didnt contact/ask after me.

Well so many things has happened as you are all aware, Nigeria Gave Ethiopia (My motherland) a 4 - 0 at home here in Abuja National Stadium on Sunday

Eguavoen boys (the dream team) also gave Equitorial Guinea 5 - 0 in Benin city Edo State on Saturday; the weekend altogether gave us 9 goals which is one of the remedy to my illness (*smiling*)

Today Tuesday we are gonna be playing a friendly match with Kenya in Abuja though some of the top shots of the Eagles has gone back to their several clubs like Osaze, Mikel etc.

Its gonna be an action packed match today, because the Kenyans are already complaining about the weather i hope it works against them and works for us.


Sporting Regards,
+234 8059347888

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Emeka Ezeugo's bombshell: Players used 'voodoo' under Westerhof

Bolt from the blues should be the best way to describe the revelation by the Super Eagles' former ubiquitous player, Emeka Ezeugo, that most of his teammates used juju to either curry favour or keep their places during the days of Clemence Westerhof as coach of Eagles.

Ezeugo, who made the disclosure in an exclusive interview with the Daily Sunsports in Abuja recently, insisted that it was then a common sight to spot fetish objects inside the rooms of players, even as he dismissed the potency of the practice in the game of football.

How Wigan Athletic’s Victor Moses’ parents were killed in Kaduna

Wigan Athletic boy, Victor Moses who may have his first chance to play an international game with Nigeria on Sunday says he does not want to visit Kaduna any time soon.

Moses was born in the northern Nigerian city of Kaduna and lived there with his parents until he moved to England when he was eleven years old.

Moses told that he has no plans to visit Kaduna but was not ready to reveal why.

“No I’m not ready to visit Kaduna again and you know why. Oh no, no, I’m not going there,” Moses said.

He tried to smile as he said he won’t be visiting Kaduna soon but the story behind it is never one to make a person smile.
                                                             WIGAN'S VICTOR MOSES


Is tattoo culture the ultimate outlet for the pros?

Just because you’re a professional footballer, doesn’t mean you can always go out and do the things you want to do. This certainly applies to England striker Darren Bent – currently stuck living in a hotel after his career and life were caught up in the whirlwind of a surprise January transfer window move to Aston Villa.
As such he’s been unable to involve himself in two of his major passions in recent weeks. The first, perhaps unsurprisingly for a modern day footballer, is playing Call of Duty on his Xbox 360 – Bent tells us he is unable to access Xbox live from his room. The second is another common interest among many young pros – tattoos.

“I'd like to get some more done if possible but obviously since I came to Birmingham, it's been 100mph and I’ve not really had a chance” Darren tells us. “I’ll start thinking about it again soon.”
Umbro’s 1350 concept focuses on the 1350 minutes of the day outside the 90 of the match and how the players look to express themselves during their time away from the pitch. Players, like fans, like to do this in a creative and committed way – and how better than to embrace tattoo culture? Darren Bent certainly agrees.

“I probably got my first tattoo when I was 16, it was a cross on my left arm. Since then I've had my whole right arm done, the right side of my ribs, my right thigh.”

But the ink is more than just a fashion accessory – Bent tells us there is a far deeper meaning to some of his tattoos than just looking cool. “I like the way they look, but most of my tattoos are inspired by my Grandma - she's the one who came out with all these religious phrases when I was younger” he explains. “I used to go down the shops with her every Sunday and would give me all this advice and a lot of the tattoos stem from that, really – they’re things I like to remind myself of. They’re pretty personal.”

Despite this emotional element, Darren denies a rumour that he attempted to get over the dejection of being left out of England’s World Cup squad - despite being the top English Premier League goal scorer - by jetting of to Los Angeles for a consolatory inking. “Nah, it’s not true. I did go out there straight away, but I didn’t go just to get tattoos, although I did get some out there.

Going under the needle can be a painful experience, especially when work is being done on an area of skin particularly close to the bone. But is it more to fear that a clobbering from one of the Premier League’s more imposing centre backs? “Getting clattered by a centre-back is bad - but getting my ribs done was the worse pain I've ever felt in my life! Fortunately it healed up before any defenders had the chance to give it a whack. But when I was sat there getting it done, it was awful. It was so painful.”

Friday, March 25, 2011


Chelsea and Manchester City both want Italy midfielder Andrea Pirlo, who is set to leave AC Milan on a free transfer after rejecting a new deal.daily mirror

Sir Alex Ferguson's hopes of bringing Manuel Neuer to Manchester United have been hit after the Schalke goalkeeper claimed he only wants to leave Germany to go on holiday.metro

Sir Alex Ferguson's hopes of bringing Manuel Neuer to Manchester United have been hit after the Schalke goalkeeper claimed he only wants to leave Germany to go on holiday.mirrorfootball

Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish has joined Arsenal, Chelsea and AC Milan in the race for Roma defender Philippe Mexes - although Dalglish would prefer to sign Bolton centre-back Gary Cahill.dailymirror


With rumors of an exit circling Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina’s head, it has been revealed that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger desperately tried to sign the Spaniard in the summer.

According to Bob Wilson, a former Arsenal goalkeeper who was part of their 1971 Double winning side, Wenger made a huge offer to try and prise the keeper to London.

“Arsene tried like mad last summer to buy not only a goalkeeper, but what he considered the most consistent in this country. So he made a big bid for Pepe Reina,”Wilson told talkSPORT.  “That didn’t come out because it’s not Arsene Wenger’s way of doing it – and not Arsenal’s way of doing it – but he did attempt to do that.”

Arsenal have suffered between the sticks this season, going through keepers Manuel Almunia, Lukasz Fabianski, and Wojciech Szczesny without finding enough consistency, delivering their title hopes several blows this season.  With the latter two missing due to injury and Almunia’s form this season, Wegner was forced to bring ex-stopper Jens Lehmann out of retirement to have some cover in the season run in.

Arsenal are sure to reintroduce their bid for Pepe Reina this summer with Liverpool seemingly out of Europe next season, and with Liverpool linked with a £10 million bid for Ajax keeper Mark Stekelenburg, Reina could be Arsenal’s key to the title.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


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Ichiro Suzuki donated 100 million yen for Japanese tsunami relief. The Mariners pledged another 300 million yen.

NBA star Dennis Rodman married himself in 1996.

A British man hasn’t won the Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Singles championship since 1936.

The FA cup has existed for almost 140 years!

At the age of 9, Andre Agassi beat football legend Jim Brown at a $10,000 tennis match

The 1st woman to reach the top of Mount Everest and the 1st woman to complete the 7 summits was Junko Tabei from Japan.

Jesse Owens used to race against dogs and horses.

Shaquille O’Neill was already 6’6” when he was 13

The first woman to win an Olympic medal for horseback riding had polio and was paralyzed below the knees.

Nigeria run risk of points penalty over Moses

JOHANNESBURG - Nigeria run the risk of forfeiting points in the African Nations Cup qualifying campaign if they play England youth international Victor Moses against Ethiopia on Sunday.

Moses has been included in Nigeria's squad for the qualifying match and is in Abuja preparing with the team, the Nigerian Football Federation said.
But FIFA said on Wednesday it had not received an application for the Wigan Athletic winger to change his national status.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Footballer Salaries 2011: Messi and Mourinho at the Top

France Football 2011 survey findings showed that Barcelona’s Lionel Messi is the highest paid payed player in the world, receiving a total of €31 million from his salary and publicity deals in 2011.

Jose Mourinho hit the highest paid managers top with an income of €13.5 million, beating rival Barceloa’s Pep Guardiola, who came second with €10.5 million, followed by former Inter Milan caretaker Raphael Benitez (€10.2 million). The manager of England national football team Fabio Capello comes forth with €8.5 million.

why i converted to Islam and why i have no tips for picking women(NICHOLAS ANELKA, FRANCE/CHELSEA)

Did growing up in Trappes, a tough Paris suburb, motivate your desire to make it as a professional footballer? What is it about these suburbs that has helped breed so many of France’s top players, such as Thierry Henry and William Gallas. Gareth Butt, Sheffield

I think about 70 percent of the players who are in the French league and the French national team come from the suburbs. When I was little I never used to think about the fact that I was from the suburbs. I always wanted to do all I could to make it as a footballer but I didn’t walk around thinking I’m from the suburbs. I came from a calm background, a stable family, but it’s true you can’t say Trappes is the loveliest of places.

When you were growing up did you ever dream you would one day have a burger named after you? Is it possible to buy an ‘Anelka Burger’ anywhere in West London? Marcus Heath, Bromley
I never thought I’d have a burger named after me, that’s for sure. I always wanted to be a professional footballer, but I never thought of anything like that. It was always football, football, football, when I was a kid, but I’m glad that I’ve had a burger named after me. The Burger King promo has finished now – it only lasted a month before the Rugby World Cup and you can no longer buy an Anelka Burger. Shame, huh?! These days footballers can get involved in all sorts of aspects of life, including fashion – we get all sorts of offers thanks to football’s notoriety.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First big step for Siasia’s Nigeria......

Samson Siasia rode a wave of overwhelming popular support to be named Nigeria coach on a four-year contract in December. But the 43-year-old former Super Eagle and Nantes player is also the first to point out that if the results do not come, he could easily be the most vilified man in this football-mad country of over 150 million souls.

Having lost to Guinea in Conakry 1-0 last October before Siasia took over, Nigeria know they will need to make up those three points. So pressure is high heading into their home CAF Africa Cup of Nations qualifier this weekend against Ethiopia - a match that will mark the half-way point of qualifying.
                                               SIA1 IN ACTION LOL

It is a thin line between love and hate and Siasia already got a hint of this last month, when his Super Eagles were booed as Sierra Leone pulled a goal back in a 2-1 friendly win in Lagos. “It was a good start, and I am pleased with the team. We had a lot of injuries to deal with,” said Siasia about his debut. “But we lost our shape in the second half, and I was not fully impressed with the defence. We need to work more on this area.”

Monday, March 21, 2011


The plight of the former goal king of Nigeria, Rashidi Yekini has attracted the attention of the technical committee of the Nigeria Football Federation who are now seeking for a way to help him.

The chairman of the committee, Barrister Chris Green told in Abuja that they have been fully informed of the condition of the former Super Eagle striker and have been consulting on the best way of helping him get back to his toes.

He stated that they have sent words to his former team mate, Mutiu Adekpoju who resides in the same city with him to furnish them with all necessary information about the man who holds the goal scoring record in the senior National team.

John Fashanu's Elder Brother Justin Fashanu was a self confessed GAY and a Pro Footballer

Justinus Soni "Justin" Fashanu, (19 February 1961 – 2 May 1998) was an English footballer, who played for a variety of clubs between 1978 and 1997. He was the first professional footballer to come out as gay, and was the first black player to command a £1m transfer fee.


Anton Hysen is a gay footballer he confessed........'changing room is a very harsh place to survive'

Gothenburg is a perfect backdrop to this story. It's stolid, self-confident, quiet and handsome - rather like the inhabitants.

But don't imagine that Gothenburg is dull. Because Sweden's second city harbours a global one-off.
One of its professional footballers is openly gay.

Anton Hysen is the sprightly 20-year-old left-sided midfielder for Utsiktens BK, a team from the fourth tier of the Swedish league. He has gelled hair, a collection of piercings, and the names of his parents tattooed in large, cursive font along his forearms. He also - after a polite enquiry by the Swedish football magazine Offside - came out earlier in March.

Anton still lives at home, with his mother. In their bright, white living room, Anton is spooning a vat of pasta and meatballs into his mouth, before he heads off to Monday night training.

He exudes quiet self-assurance: "I'm sure of who I am," he says. "I was born this way. I have nothing to hide." He was surprised, he says, about what a stir - globally - his announcement caused. "But everyone's been really positive," he says.

His mother, Helena, is proud. But as Anton wanders into the kitchen to collect his dessert, she also says that she's worried. "There was an ice hockey player," Helena recalls. "He was stabbed for being gay." She is talking of Peter Karlsson, murdered in 1995 by a Swedish neo-Nazi.

John Fashanu dating ex MBGN – Adaeze Igwe’s Mom

According to the confirmed report from my source it was reported that, Ex international footballer John Fashanu and ex MBGN Adaeze Igwe’s mom are reportedly an item and they have been taking their business every for all to see.

Messi, Keita and Pique star in a new spot under the slogan "Put Racism Offside"

Every March 21st the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is celebrated and the FC Barcelona Foundation and UNESCO wish to reaffirm their stand against this scourge.

To demonstrate the commitment of both organizations, this Monday, a spot will be launched featuring Leo Messi, Seydou Keita and Gerard Pique in which the three FC Barcelona players paint a large graffiti containing the campaign slogan "Put Racism Offside”.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Falcons' players indulge in lesbianism - Coach

 in her words, the Super Falcons Coach, Madam Eucharia uche says:

Abidal recovering after surgery

MADRID - Barcelona's French defender Eric Abidal was recovering after an operation to remove a tumour in his liver on Thursday, the Spanish club said in a statement.

It added that the 31-year-old player "could be released within a week depending on his progress" after the surgery conducted at a Barcelona clinic.

The operation lasted approximately three hours and doctors removed the tumour without any complications, the club said.

The French international has been in superb form this season for the Spanish league leaders, who have not released details about the kind of tumour Abidal has.

It is unclear how long the defender will be out of action but any prolonged absence would be a blow to Barca, who are five points ahead of Real Madrid with 10 games left.

source:click me 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tiger Woods: Being a single dad is 'tough'

Tiger Woods says he's getting his life back on course -- and that includes being present for his two children, daughter Sam, 3, and son Charlie, 2.

"It's work, there's no doubt," the golfer, 35, speaking on ABC's "Good Morning America" Thursday, said about single fatherhood. "It's tough. But it's enjoyable. That's the work I love."

Expanding upon that point, Woods said of his kids, "I just love being with them and seeing what they're doing, what they're capable of doing -- the joys, just the shifts of interest. ... It's just fun. We have a great time together."

That time, he said, is spent watching Sam dance, create things, color and re-arrange furniture.
As for Charlie, whom Woods called "my little brute," the boy only wants to play sports. "Give him a stick and a ball," says his father, "and he's happy."

The "GMA" interview -- along with a Wednesday night appearance on NBC's "Late Night" with Jimmy Fallon -- marks Woods's return to the talk arena for the first time since his fall from grace that began with a mysterious November 2009 car accident and resulted in the revelation of his mistress-rich private life and, ultimately, his divorce from wife Elin Nordegren.

Shock as UEFA slap Jordan with ban... for being the victim of a headbutt!...FOOTBALL AND POLITICS HABA!

Tottenham coach Joe Jordan has been hit with a one-match ban by UEFA — for being the victim of a headbutt
Arsene Wenger and Samir Nasri, who clashed with referee Massimo Busacca after Arsenal’s defeat by Barcelona at the Nou Camp, will also miss their club’s next match in Europe. The Arsenal boss will receive an £8,700 fine
Jordan is set to play no part in the first leg of Spurs’ first ever Champions League quarter-final after UEFA punished him for ‘incidents’ in the 1-0 win over AC Milan. Under UEFA rules, he will be banned from the touchline and dressing room, and from communicating with the team.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Let's hope Ronaldo's not the jealous type! Half-naked Irina Shayk drapes herself over another man in modelling shots

Sportdiva says, the word!

They're the kind of photos that even the most liberal of boyfriends might worry about.
So let's hope that Cristiano Ronaldo has a strong stomach.
The footballer's half-naked Russian girlfriend Irina Shayk draped herself over handsome male model Arthur Sales in a photoshoot to advertise a new clothing collection.

The provocative pictures capture Irina posing in just a T-shirt, or skirt. In one case she is topless, in an embrace with the handsome model.

Cristiano Ronaldo engaged to longtime girlfriend Irina Shayk(Lingerie Model)

Portuguese star football player Cristiano Ronaldo has proposed to his beloved Russian-born model Irina Sheik. Sheik has already received her parents’ blessings.

Sheik revealed the information about the engagement in an interview to Portuguese tabloid Lux that was published with a photograph of the smiling couple on the cover with the caption “I’m a bride!”

Observers of the Portuguese newspaper Correio de Manha have learned that Ronaldo struggled for the heart of the Tatar green-eyed brunette. Twenty-four-year-old Irina Sheik, known for her career as a lingerie model with Victoria's Secret and Intimissimi, was chased by the Portuguese half-back of Spanish Real Madrid for over four months. The girl persistently refused to give out her cell phone number, but eventually succumbed to his charms.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


While the dust is yet to settle on the one year ban placed on Shooting Stars striker, Gbolahan Salami, and Heartland goalkeeper, Akpan Bassey the Disciplinary Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation yesterday wielded a big stick on eight other players in the National League. The players were all banned for a year.

Three of the players of are from Okpe United, while the others are from FC Abuja.
The players from Okpe United -- Etete Precious, Agbettor Emmanuel and goalkeeper, Eriose Tega -- were adjudged to be unruly in their home game against Prime FC of Oshogbo hence the committee ruled that the Oyo State team be awarded three goals and three points in line with the League rules and regulations.


Premier league newcomers, Bukola Babes have threatened to pull out of the ongoing 2010/2011 league following their 0-1 loss to Sunshine Stars in week 19 game last Sunday.  
Team manager of Bukola Babes, Alloy Chukwuemeka who threatened that the club might consider pulling out of the league if drastic action is not taken by the league body, described the game against Sunshine as ‘a big shame’ for the country's elite game.


Barcelona defender Eric Abidal will undergo surgery after the club today announced he has a liver tumour.
The Primera Division club announced the news regarding the 31-year-old French player via their official Twitter feed tonight. "A liver tumour has been detected in the player Eric Abidal and he will be treated surgically next Friday," the statement said. "Abidal will be operated on by Dr Josep Fuster Obregon. Per the express wish of the player, we call for the utmost respect for the right to privacy."

Barcelona confirmed in a short statement on their website that Abidal will be operated upon at the BarnaClinic Grup Hospital Clinic, in the city.

Per the express wish of the player, we call for the utmost respect for the right to privacy.

Barcelona statement on Twitter

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


International Soccer star Micheal Essien may have to look for another father because he has been disowned by the very man who gave birth to him.

Michael’s dad, James Essien, a frail old unhealthy pauper, for the past years, has complained that he had been abandoned and neglected by his son.

Not able to contain the alleged neglect any longer, James has asked Michael to drop the surname ‘Essien’, so he, the old beggar dad, can accept the bitter truth that he does not have a multi-billionaire son with world-class fame.

“His mother has been ill-advising him to stop providing for my upkeep.


According to gathered information, things are getting worse between Ghanian Soccer Star and his father, James Essien, the Dad accused the Mum of ill-advisory and all sort against him, He also said that for over a year now he has been sick and BEREKUM CHELSEA CHAIRMAN, has been the one taking care of him, so he told the bulky ghana black star ace to STOP USING HIS NAME ESSIEN he promised to drag him to the court of law.

He accused him of neglection of duty, he further stressed that Michael has not been taking good care of him for sometime now. Michael's Dad was in the media sometimes ago to solicit for funds and support to take care of his medical bills.

Friday, March 11, 2011


The Nigerian Senior National Team will play The Ethiopian Senior National Team at the National Stadium mainbowl Abuja on Sunday, March 27th 2011.

The Coach recently announced the list of the 24Man Squad that will be playing the match, to play for the 2012 All African Nations Cup qualifier.

Below are the names of the selected players:

Torres: No regrets over Chelsea move

MADRID - Fernando Torres is convinced he made the right decision to leave Liverpool for Chelsea after failing to believe in talk of new projects at Anfield, the Spain striker said on Friday.

The 26-year-old moved to Stamford Bridge for a British record £50 million on the final day of the January transfer window, and said he was settling in well to his new surroundings.

Liverpool's failure to reinforce their squad after selling players such as Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano, Peter Crouch and Alvaro Arbeloa, and the departure of manager Rafa Benitez, convinced Torres it was time to leave.


......memories of this guy still linger in my mind,,,he still remain the highest goal scorer of the super eagles, Rumour has it that Yekini has been walking barefooted all the the streets of Ibadan, he is broke and has been suffering psychological trauma.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

EXCLUSIVE Interview with ADAEZE YOBO....The pretty wife of the SUper Eagles JOSEPH YOBO

We got married at 12am – Adaeze Igwe

We got married at 12am because we didn’t want to have a big wedding –Adaeze Igwe

        Adaeze Daisy and Son Joey




Jonathan Fadugba, The Award winning Football writer for and the owner/editor of, wrote this:

Arsene Wenger has had a few surprises to deal with in the last week. But when asked about Kolo Touré’s failed drugs test, the look of Gallic bewilderment on his face told its own story. “It is a complete surprise,” said Wenger, who introduced Touré to English football when he signed him for Arsenal from ASEC Mimosas in 2002.

He is a boy who has a clean life, very honest living, always at home, a family man, and I do not suspect him at all to have taken drugs to enhance his performances,” Wenger continued, leaping to Touré’s defence. The look of conviction in his eyes also told a tale – one of complete trust in the word of the Manchester City centre-back. "He wants to control his weight a little bit because that's where he has some problems and he took the product of his wife."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Arsenal Coach, Arsene Wenger and Nasri charged by UEFA

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and midfielder Samir Nasri have been charged with improper conduct by UEFA.

The duo have been cited for "inappropriate language" towards referee Massimo Busacca after Tuesday night's Champions League defeat to Barcelona, UEFA have said.

The disciplinary case will be heard by UEFA on March 17.

Busacca caused uproar by showing Robin van Persie a second yellow card for shooting at goal just one second after he had blown the whistle for offside - the Dutch striker claimed he had not heard it due to the noise of the 95,000-plus crowd.

ONE on ONE with Olayinka Alakija, a Professional Polo Rider

He look so calm, young and handsome (ajebo look..wink*wink*) and could pass for a teenager BUT this man is a professional polo rider this actually waohed me! He presently work in a Company somewhere in Lagos(name withheld) He inherited the Game of Polo and it’s a tradition for him, he loves riding horses, he say to me’ they are lovely Animals, I was able to interview this Professional on his journey through the Polo Game, after we have introduced ourselves and crack some jokes about his Identical twin Brother, we were able to talk much more on a lighter mood, please read on:

(Smiling)Well my name is Yinka Alakija, im a professional Polo Rider

Well, Polo is my Family tradition, my Great Grandfather, Grand Father and my Father are great and famous Polo Riders, Polo in my Family is a must for all Male Children, me and my Brothers ride Polo.

I started riding at age 4, became a Professional at age 9 and I participated in Major Tournament at age 11, I participated in tournaments within and outside the country like South Africa, Kenya ETC, I have been riding polo for over 25 years.

                 First on the left is Yinka Alakija and his Team mates

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nasri: Arsenal stronger and can beat Barca, is he saying the truth?

According to my source, below are his words:
LONDON - Arsenal are physically and psychologically stronger than a year ago and can knock Barcelona out of the Champions League at the Nou Camp next week, their French playmkaer Samir Nasri said on Thursday.

"I think we have become more macho and we have all stepped up from last year," he told a media briefing at the launch of the official match ball for the May 28 final at Wembley.
The France forward said he was convinced Arsenal would make up for last season's 6-3 quarter-final defeat by "the best team in the world" and reach the last eight again.

They have given themselves a chance of making progress after coming from behind to beat the Spanish champions 2-1 in the first leg of their last-16 tie at the Emirates Stadium on February 16.
Although the 23-year-old forward conceded Barcelona start as favourites to advance, he said Arsenal's players were no longer intimidated by the likes of Lionel Messi, Xavi and Andres Iniesta, the creative forces in Pep Guardiola's glittering team.

"We approached the game differently this year. Last year we were a little scared of Barcelona because they are fantastic and play amazing football and we were surprised how good they were.

"This year we said, 'Look, they are fantastic and if we lose to them it will be normal because they are the best team in the world.' So there was no pressure on us and we played our normal game and showed everyone we can beat them and be at their level.

"We are more macho, physically and psychologically, Some of us, like Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, even myself, we have all stepped up. "We are stronger. All of our players can compete with all of theirs."

Nasri was sitting in the dressing room at Wembley Stadium where the disconsolate Arsenal team returned after their shock 2-1 defeat by Birmingham City in Sunday's League Cup Final.
He said that setback had not dented their self-belief as they, along with Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, attempt to become the first London side to lift the European Cup.

Chelsea host FC Copenhagen in their last-16 tie after a 2-0 win in the first leg in Denmark while Spurs are 1-0 up against AC Milan after winning their opener in Italy.

Nasri knows the path he would like Arsenal to take to surpass both of their London rivals.
"If we beat Barcelona, I would love to play one of the other London clubs in the final and I want Arsenal to be the first club from London to win the Champions League.
"But my dream would be to play against Marseille in the quarter-finals, then Tottenham in the semi-finals, then Chelsea in the final," he added.

Olympique Marseille were held to a 0-0 draw by Manchester United in their first leg in France.
"I want Marseille to beat Manchester United. It would be special for me to play against Marseille. I was born there, I grew up there, I played for Marseille for 10 years and it's something I would love to do."
Before that though, Arsenal need to get past Barcelona and Nasri is under no illusion just how hard that task will be, even though he is very optimistic it will happen.

"More important than stopping Xavi or Iniesta is stopping Lionel Messi," he said before giving his assessment of Argentina's talented World Footballer of the Year.

"He can make the pass, he can dribble, he can score. You cannot stop him. If you say to someone follow him for 90 minutes, you cannot do it because he has such quality.

"Something will happen, he can make the difference by himself. He is now playing as a striker, so he can go into the middle, he can turn, he has the space, he has the freedom.

"But we are confident we can beat them. We did it at Emirates Stadium and we know they will play the same type of game. We know it will be really difficult but don't forget even if we draw, we qualify."

Serbian fan sentenced for rioting

As i gathered this morning, a Serbian fan has been sentenced to three years and three months in jail for his role in the abandonment of his country's Euro 2012 qualifier against Italy.

Ivan Bogdanov, 29, was found guilty of instigating the ugly scenes at the Luigi Ferraris stadium in Genoa which forced Scottish referee Craig Thomson to abandon the match after just six minutes.

Wearing a black balaclava Bogdanov climbed the barrier separating the Serbian fans from the pitch and used a wire cutter to prise open the fence.

His actions were followed by a volley of flares being thrown onto the pitch which prompted the match to be called off, with UEFA later awarding Italy a 3-0 win.

The game had already been delayed 35 minutes due to crowd disturbances with Italian police later revealing they had arrested 17 Serbian fans while 16 people were injured including two police officers.

Three other Serbian fans were also on trial in Genoa today on charges ranging from resisting public officials to damaging public property.


Cricket World Cup 2011: Stuart Broad ruled out of England's campaign with side injury

Stuart Broad is to fly home from the World Cup with a side injury as England’s campaign suffered its second major injury blow in 48 hours.

Broad is expected to fly home on Wednesday and is likely to be replaced in the squad by Chris Tremlett, who has been travelling with world cup throughout the World Cup as a bowling reserve.

Broad’s exit follows two days after Kevin Pietersen left the World Cup to have an operation on a hernia injury. Losing Broad and Pietersen is a severe setback for England with the players integral parts of their batting and bowling line-up.
                                                                        STUART BROAD

The news is particularly disappointing for Broad who had his Ashes series cut short by an abdominal injury after only two Tests.
Broad suffered the injury while bowling against South Africa in Chennai on Sunday. An MRI scan after the match was inconclusive and he was sent for a second yesterday in Chittagong. The results were analysed in London by the England team doctor, Nick Peirce, and the decision was made to send him home. Side injuries are notoriously difficult to manage and scans can often not show up small tears.

A strain can easily develop into a major tear, which could take up to six weeks to heal and with that in mind, England

The injury vindicates England’s decision to keep Tremlett with the touring party. His bounce may not be as effective on the slow, low sub-continental wickets as it was in Australia but he is at least in rhythm having spent the last few weeks netting with the team.

Broad has endured a difficult World Cup. He was expensive against Holland and then missed the tie with India due to a stomach bug. The virus left him weak, he lost 5 kilograms, and he was clearly not himself during the defeat to Ireland. The weakness caused by the stomach virus could have helped cause the side injury.

“It was nothing like the Ashes injury when I felt it straight away and knew there was no real way back,” said Broad yesterday. “Adrenaline got me through the game [against South Africa] and I was okay for a couple of hours after the match but then stiffened up and got a bit sore. You have to be very careful with side strains as a bowler. They are a bit of a pain. You have to give them enough time to make sure they are 100 percent right or there will be a weak spot.”

Broad’s variation and bounce were crucial as England beat South Africa at the weekend, he finished with four for 15 from only 6.5 overs, and he is the recognised leader of the attack in one-day cricket.



Peeps im so happy and i felt loved by the volume of  messages that i received from you over the weekend i missed you too, well like i would like to thank my Sponsor (names withheld) for the kind gesture all i have to say is Thank You!

hmmm, well it was a week long event, ELITEful and COLOURfull though my escorts see it as a boring game but like the face of the girls and guys that came for the event, (enough networking according to them)wink*wink*

The Event came to an end on Sunday and everyone there was happy.

People like ERELU DOSUNMU, DEOLA SAGOE, SAYYU DANTATA (CEO, MRS oil and gas, he just bought over chevron's downstream..well... you can google it!), TAJUDEEN DANTATA, FRANCISCO, BODE, YINKA, IBIWUNMI, SOME PEOPLE'S NAME WITHHELD......AND SO ON whom i have the opportunity to speak directly with: the interview will be posted on my blog one after the other so as not to choke you guys with too much stories........

meanwhile im working on my website and by Gods Grace you guys can view wider news and gist on it......according to Public request and cravings!

Stay here for the Excerpts..........dont go nowhere

LASGIDI AND TRAFFIC (my head is shaking****)



1.      Footballer of the Year
a)     Osaze Odemwingie
b)    Vincent Enyeama
c)     Uche Kalu

2.      Woman Footballer of the Year
a)     Perpetua Nkwocha
b)    Stella Mbachu
c)     Desire Oparanozie

3.      Footballer of the Year (National)
a)     Ahmed Musa
b)    Eugene Salami
c)     Osas Idehen

4.      Woman Footballer of the Year (National)
a)     Desire Oparanozie
b)    Ebere Orji
c)     Amarachi Okoronkwo

5.      Young Player of the Year (Male Category)
a)     Stanley Okoro
b)    Aziz Ramon
c)     Kenneth Kundur
6.      Young Player of the Year (Female Category)
a)       Ngozi Okobi
b)Loveth Ayila
c)       Francesca Ordega
7.    National Coach of the Year
a)     Eucharia Uche
b)    Egan Edet
c)     Peter Dedevbo

8.    Club Coach of the Year
a)     Okey Emordi, Enyimba
b)    Salisu Yusuf, Kano Pillars
c)     Festus Allen, Bukola Babes
9.      Premier League Club of the Year
         a)    Enyimba
         b)    Kano Pillars
         c)    Sunshine

10.    National Team of the Year
       a) Falcons
       b) Falconets
       c) Flamingoes

11.    Referee of the Year
         a) Makus Bwashi
         b) Gambo Mohammed
         c) Felicia Okugba

12.    National Team Sponsor of the Year
a) Globacom
b) TomTom
c) Guinness

13.    Football Writer of the Year (Print Category)
a) Sab Osuji
b) Tana Aiyejina
c) Emma Jemega

14.  Alhaji Ladi Lawal Award for Football Presenter of the Year (Electronic Category)
a) Charles Anazodo
b) Godwin Enakhena
c) Toyin Ibitoye

15.    Football Brand of the Year
a) Guinness
b) Heineken
c) Peak Milk

16.    Grassroots Football Promoter of the Year
a) Shell/NNPC
b) Lagos State Government
c) Bolowotan

17.    Special Post Humous Award
Chief Nathaniel Idowu


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