Wednesday, May 28, 2014

World Cup 2014:'Nigeria will shock the world' Ladipo

Chairman of the Nigerian supporters club, Rafiu Ladipo in an interview with SPORTDIVA.NETon Tuesday in Abuja has revealed that a total number of 800 supporters will support the Super Eagles in Brazil.

He also said the use of unorthodox method (juju) is no longer useful for the super eagles, the man lamented that the Presidential gift of #50million is not enough.

However, he praised Keshi for a well done job in the team.

Below is the excerpt of the interview:

Q: How is the preparations for the world cup going with the supporters club?

A: We are still preparing, and we are getting ready, you know that the supporters club is an ever ready club, we have our members all over the world, and they are all coming and our plan is to support the super eagles through the competition to the end because we believe the super eagles will remain till the end"

Q: Looking at the list that was released by Stephen Keshi last week, what do you about the omission of players like Ike Uche and Leon Balogun

A: whatever it is we have given a job to Mr. keshi to do, he has submitted 30 list of people and of course its not the 30 of them that will go for the world cup, he knows what he is doing, my own is to pray for God to give him the wisdom to select the best 23 for the world cup

Q: How far do you think we can go in Brazil looking at Keshis squad

A: first and foremost anyone coming to the world cup has a potential of wining the cup, what differentiate us from them we are also a potential winner of the cup, we are going to shock the world we will surprise many people especially those who has looked down on us, I see the boys playing minimally at the semifinals of the 2014 world cup

Q: You mentioned somewhere that juju (voodoo) does exist in football, are you going to apply it in Brazil

A: Yes there is Juju no doubt but we stopped using juju in 1990, we realised it doesn't play football, it deceives a lot and fails you when it matters, so super eagles and the supporters club stopped using juju since 1990, we have been praying and fasting and supporting the team so we don't believe juju anymore

Q: So you think with fasting and prayers Nigeria will win the world cup?

A: Yes Nigeria can win the world cup and this time around Nigeria is going to surprise the world.

Q: How many supporters are you taking for the tournament?

A: We are taking 300 from Nigeria and 500 will join us from other counties making 800 supporters for the world cup, we have over 10000 Brazil based Nigerians ready to work with us in supporting the super eagles.

Q: Who is going to sponsor the 300 people from Nigeria?

A: Supporters club has been funding itself, Globacom is a sponsor too they pay a yearly sponsorship fee to us, there are other programs within the year we have so many other tournaments this year and we have to be there"

Q: Do you get government Sponsorships?

A: We are looking for funds and we have also been to Mr. president he has given us #50million although its a big money but its a far cry from what we need to cover the tournament

Q: The president's gift is not enough?

A: Of course its not enough but we appreciate the huge gift from the President, Brazil is expensive and you need a minimum of 1.5milion naira,don't forget that you need to pay for Flight accommodation and to also move round to match venues as all our matches are not in one venue so its a lot of money"
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