Monday, May 6, 2013

REVEALED: Ex Man United Star,Wilfried Zaha's brother 'is a street gangster behind string of violent crimes'

Siblings: Wilfried Zaha (left) and Herve pose for the camera
Wilfred Zaha with his Notorious Brother Herve

The brother of a promising football star is a 'general' in a criminal gang believed to be involved in shootings, stabbings and violent street battles over territory.

Wilfried Zaha, 20, has been signed by Manchester United after the winger, who currently plays for Crystal Palace, impressed reds boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

But his 24-year-old brother Herve has gone down a different path as a high-ranking member of the feared Don't Say Nothing crew, also known as DSN, according to the Daily Mirror.

'All u aluminium gangsters coverd by other peoples fame, u knw hu u r, get real. level has changed. my TEAM DO, DID AND THEY F****** DOES THIS THING. so n***** please, cos u dnt wanna see my n****** squeeze, cos if we do we leave ur f****** body ina fridge, let it freeze...let it go six feet deep...bigup my up all my DSN mandem (Jamaican slang for 'man them', commonly used by British gangs to describe members) say no mre.'

Last year, Herve received a 12-month conditional discharge for criminal damage after he threw a paving slab through the window of a car as a woman sat at the wheel. He was also ordered to pay £100 compensation, £100 to the victim and £80 court costs.
His Facebook page features a picture of him with his younger brother, although there is no link between Wilfried and the gang.
Wilfried Zaha

The Mirror also claims to have seen an online music video of Herve posing with members of DSN.
A prominent member of DSN is Joland Giwa, AKA Dexter, who famously posted a picture of himself using a cameraphone while still in prison at Rochester Jail.

Zaha comes from a strict family in Croydon, originally from the Ivory Coast, and his father imposed strict curfews.

In one interview, Wilfried said: 'We all lived in a three-bedroomed house. Good times. I shared with my brothers.

'My mum and dad were giving me the advice. My dad knew how much I wanted it. I had strict parents from an early age.

'I had the earliest curfew ever. It was 6pm and 7pm… and I was 17.'

As part of the £15million transfer to Manchester United, Zaha was allowed to stay at Championship side Palace until the end of the season and is could now help propel the club into the Premier League via the play-offs.

Zaha’s agent did not comment on Herve’s links to DSN.


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