Friday, July 5, 2013


Few days after the demise of the former Super Eagles footballer, Thompson Oliha, another wife of the deceased has emerged in Lagos State.Oliha died Sunday after a brief illness in Kwara State and it was reported that he was married with a wife who had a daughter for him.But a middle age woman, Ajala Mohammed, who is now mourning the late Oliha, revealed that she has the only son for Oliha, Clinton, who is eight years plus. 

She said members of the family including his friends and colleagues knew about the relationship which lasted five years before the late Oliha brought another woman who had a daughter for him.Ajala said she was living with the deceased in his home in Lagos before he got a job with the Kwara State government and started living in Ilorin.“Even though he was in Kwara State we still met when he came to Lagos.

I also went to Ilorin to see him as we were preparing to have another child before his death,” she explained.She said it was necessary to tell the whole world that Oliha had another woman who had his only son. 

Ajala said there was a disagreement between her and the deceased which made her to move out his house because of the woman who had a daughter for him.She said after some years, they mended fences because of their child and continued the relationship. 

Ajala explained that she came into the late Oliha’s life after his football career when he ventured into business.She added that the late footballer made huge loss in the business transaction because the goods he was importing were sold on credit and those who bought those goods did not pay his money and this affected his finances.She, however, claimed she assisted the late Oliha to move on with life after the business misfortune before he got the coaching job that took him to Kwara state.

  “I am the only legally married wife of the late Thompson Oliha. Though about nine years ago, a year before I met my late husband, a woman gave birth to a son for my late husband but they never got married or did any traditional engagement. 

“There is nothing secret about the existence of the woman or the son because everyone in the Oliha’s family knows about them and even his friends know about it. Oliha’s second wife revealed during a conversation with the pressmen.Further investigation revealed that he (Oliha) only complained of Malaria and was taken to an undisclosed hospital in the state capital. 

He later died in that hospital same day and his body was deposited at a private mortuary in Ilorin.

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