Thursday, October 31, 2013

Aderonke Ogunleye experience with the Editor of a Cyber Terrorist

Ifeanyi Abanum Cyber Terrorist

My name is Aderonke Ogunleye, I am a Professional Journalist working with Premium Times Nigeria, I am a Change Agent and also a student pursuing her third degree in Peace studies and Conflicts resolution at one of the universities in Nigeria.

I am going to be as explicit as possible in this article

The aim of this article is to clear my name from all the false accusations made against me on twitter via @editor_ans; I was going to ignore him at first but I have to write this for clarifications because of the regards I have for my Twitter followers I have chosen not to reply him on that platform but to write a lot about him from my blog for other bloggers to share.

I am a victim of cyber terrorism by an unidentified person named Ifeanyi Abanum the editor of a blog called, the guy has been harassing me and calling me different names on twitter; names like 'Black widow' 'Prostitute' 'Money Launderer' 'thief' amongst others all of which is a total reversal of the real me.

I met the guy Ifeanyi on Twitter in the month of June 2012 then I was a staff of and he tweeted at me saying 'follow back please I want to send you a message' and as usual (strangers especially) before I follow anyone on twitter I go through their TL to see what they do, meanwhile as at that time he has not gone mad, on seeing that the guy tweet is all about football I followed him and almost immediately he sent me a mail complaining about mtnfootball, he accused them of stealing a quote from his blog and I politely replied 'Please let me talk to my editor and I will get back to you shortly' after that I requested for his number with the aim of giving it to my editor in case they need to talk to him.

According to one of his tweets he pointed out that I have been harassing him for his bbm pin (I dont use blackberry) and also for his phone number, this is a guy that I do not know his real identity, never spoken to him via phone or bbm but only on twitter DIRECT MESSAGING once.

Ifeanyi Abanum said on Twitter that I am sleeping with Mr. Tunde Aderibigbe working with the Nigeria Football Federation, in actual fact, Mr Tunde is my big uncle, I am his baby sister, I lived in his house for 4 years in Abuja, a friend of mine moved in as well and stayed for another year, when he was about  to get married I told him and his wife whom I call my Aunty that we want to move, she asked us to stay and we told her that we would love to be on our own and wouldn't want to live with a new couple they need space an idea which was fair, I am not, I have never and will not date Mr Tunde Aderibigbe many people do not understand the relationship between us and they will not. 

The psychopath also claimed to be in possession of an evidence to proof my affair with Mr Aderibigbe but as we know his 'kind', he would have tweeted the so-called evidence since his madness begun which makes him a lying psycho

The same Ifeanyi Abanum accused him (Mr. Tunde Aderibigbe) of selling classified documents to me, I want to use this medium 'my blog' to tell Nigerians that he has never given me any document, not for once which is one of the many accusations made by the cyber-terrorist,

His accusations includes amongst others that I am dating Sunday Mba, John Obuh, I have never in any way been a friend or close associate of any of the people mentioned in this paragraph, whenever I see John and sunday (which is very rare) as a journalist I always try to interview them, one of the pack of lies cooked up by the guy whom many Nigerians know as Ifeanyi Abanum a chronic psychopath.

He also mentioned my former employer, Samm Audu as one of the men I'm sleeping with serially, I will say this  "Samm has never asked me out and he will not" he is my mentor, he taught me journalism, he trained me and he is not a womanizer, he is happily married with children, a visioner and a hardworking man is who he is. God Bless Him.

After speaking to the Nigerian Editor of, Mr. Samm Audu he simply said yes I know him, He is only angry because he applied to work for mtnfootball but as at the time he showed interest there was no slot was Samm's only encounter via email with Ifeanyi Abanum. (this is one of his reasons for going against me as far as I am concerned because mtnfootball considers me to be better than him which is true)

The same twitter handle has gone as far as copying my employers in his tweets and thank God for my colleagues, they are understanding he has been ignored and will continue to be ignored.

In one of the tweets written by this imbecile called Ifeanyi Abanum he said I was sacked by my former employer the Nigeria Premier League, unknown to him I resigned from the NPL on the 20th of September 2009.

The reason behind this guys obsession with me is questionable as nobody even myself do not know the reason behind the whole issue, he has been stalking me online and offline,calling me with private numbers threatening to kill me, I have reported him at the force headquarters as suggested by Twitter.

The guy is quick to accuse others of cyber bullying but if you take a closer look at his tweets, you can judge him abuses on twitter,I am happy for the cooperation and assistance from Twitter.

Yes, I would like to add to the fact that 2 days ago he called me broke, he said I am driving a 1986 model car, he also added that I am always in need and always begging for fuel money from friends, when I saw the tweet, I laughed out loud. I was like this its one of the pettiest and deranged statement by someone who claim to be an editor, after investigating the source of the information I gathered that the fake information was given to him by one Akinkunle Bolarinwa (A supposed friend of mine) a contract staff of Brila FM, a respected sports radio station in Nigeria owned by a veteran journalist Mr. Larry Izamoje, the Akinkunle guy who has been described by many, even his co-workers as a gossip, lousy, saucy and someone living and managing a psychiatric illness' is so deranged that he claimed to be a witness to the murder of a player on social media (I have evidence) his uncle is holding an office in one of the government parastatals under the presidency in Nigeria, instead of him to protect this family name (he has forgotten that headlines can say, DG of NBC's nephew a witness to a murder case) he was busy parading himself as what he was called especially on social media, anyways, I have decided to Ignore him or if it get out of hand I will alert his boss a mentor and also his uncle.

On a lighter note I only visit the Ifeanyi Abanum's TL whenever I am bored to have a good laugh, there is a proverb in yoruba land that says "you can either laugh, ignore, or pity a mad man, but nobody wants to run mad" in the case of Mr Ifeanyi Abanum I have chosen to do the three all at the same time.

The Guy doesn't have anything on me apart from calling me a 'cheap prostitute' repeating the same thing on twitter over and over again sign of madness.

This is part 1 of the 4 series of my encounter with the cyber bully/ terrorist 

feel free to read and share, Thank You

Please ignore any tweet coming from him he has mental illness, He is a lying psychopath...........

'She is successful, she slept her way through, He is successful, he worked very hard" - Anonymous



  1. This is pathetic, please keep working with the law enforcement agent in your country. I will also share it on my blog. Love from Jordan

  2. I dey follow the boy for Twitter, he don lose am completely. Ignore am he no well. N.a. mad man, he don protect his tweet. coward.

  3. Every woman is refers to as a prostitute, even Ifeanyis mother. Ignore him as he is not important. You are hardworking, ambitious and I see greatness in you. All the best. Suleiman

  4. Recently people have turned Twitter to a battlefield, even celebrities and role models, a crass behaviour. I look forward to the part 2 of your article. keep exposing them.

  5. This article is deep, i only pity the Akinkunle guy for meddling with a psychopath, hope he will not put his uncle inthe news for the wrong reasons

  6. You can date whoever you like even become anyone's mistress, that is his Problem. There is no big deal in that. Ignore him.....a twitter follower



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