Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Aderonke Ogunleye denies romance with Tunde Aderibigbe of the NFF

A respected and award winning investigative Nigerian sports writer, Aderonke Ogunleye has denied cooked-up reports from a blog allnigeriasoccer.com popular for maligning and blackmailing footballers and top sport writers.

Speaking in a chat with sportdiva.net, Ms Ogunleye rubbished the report by calling it 'an imaginary nonsense' she said, "I saw the report and all I can say is that the report is a figment of the writers imagination, something you can call an imaginary nonsense, it is not true"

"Whoever has gone through the fictitious article, the way it was written and languages used will know it is not a true report but a cheap blackmail, it looks watery and nursery, an intelligent reader can decipher" she added

Sportdiva.Net was given the permission to investigate further and we learnt that writer of the article, Ifeanyi Abanum suffers from an inherited, genetic and chronic schizophrenic disorder.

A further look at the twitter timeline @editor_ans of Ifeanyi Abanum depicts total madness and it shows that he is mentally unstable as his family including his wife and kids suffers from the same illness, investigation reveals.

A special twitter handle has been dedicated by some of his victims to expose him, PLEASE VISIT @bewareofANS for more information.

"Ifeanyi Abanum suffers from  a Bipolar disorder and as soon as I'm through with my plans, the whole world will see him, I am working with Twitter and the necessary authorities and also with one of the best SAN in Nigeria to tackle him, he will be punished, jailed and confined to a mental home where he belongs, very shortly...." Ms Ogunleye boasted

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  1. His own is too much on twitter, use your femininity jare. I trust your guts, you dey say and you dey do. lol



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