Monday, January 24, 2011

RONNIE SPORTS: One on One with The SUPER EAGLES COACH, Samson Siasia

It was a beautiful Saturday evening 22nd January 2011, I met with the Nigeria’s super eagle’s Coach, Samson Siasia, to discuss the way forward and to know what his plans are for the task ahead of him: the interview took place while the thrashing of Birmingham by Manchester United was going on at old Trafford. Below is the excerpt, please lets have your comments and what you expect from the Sia1 led S

uper Eagles.

RONNIE SPORTS: Can we meet you Sir?
SIAONE: (smiling) Ronnie you already know me na! Well my name is Samson Siasia, the Coach of the Nigeria Senior National team AKA Super Eagles.

Ronnie Sports: Nigerian fans and the world are aware of your achievements; please, list your achievements with the National team?

SIAONE: (with a straight look now, he clears his throat) Winner, Under20 Benin Republic 2005(AFRICAN NATIONS CUP): Silver Medal, Under20, Holland, we played 2-1 with Argentina at the finals: Gold Medal, 8Nation Tournament, Malaysia: Silver Medal, Under20 Beijing Olympics 2008, we were beaten by Argentina again by one goal to nil: Quarter Finals Under20 Egypt 2009.

RONNIE SPORTS: Can your achievements with the Junior national teams be transferred to the Senior National Team?

SIAONE: Yes of course

RONNIE SPORTS: So with these achievements, how do you intend to bring back the lost glory of the Nigeria National Team to the days of the 1994 squad?

SIAONE: (wearing a serious look, he said) It will take lots of hard work and dedication on the part of the players, to make the team a great one like we had several years back. To restore the lost glory, our boys need to be encouraged to play right from their heart, and luckily for us some of the boys were able to promote themselves through their FIFA 2010 WORLD CUP appearance. My plan is to rebrand and reshuffle through the invitation and the mixture of foreign based players with the home based players in order to make good impact and create synergy between them. Therefore the camp is open for everyone to come and prove themselves worthy. Everybody will be given an equal chance and the good ones will be retained without sentiments.

Another important morale booster is the issue of their insurance which involves the care given to them after incurring an injury while representing the country in any football match. If this is taken care of, the boys will put in their best as to making sure we take the team to its proper position in Africa and the whole world.

RONNIE SPORTS: What are your major Challenges?

Funds! Fund is our major challenge. We need support from the Public, Corporate Organizations, Individuals, and the Government. I can assure you that what happened after the failure of the squad at the 2010 FIFA world cup tournament in South Africa results in the pulling out of prospective sponsors.

Right now I’m personally financing my scouts globally; we need to finance them to scout for better players.

RONNIE SPORTS: What should Nigerians expect as per the local league players in the Senior National Team involvement?

SIAONE: We will get them on board so far they possess the quality. And for all our Local leagues I believe it’s a matter of time we will get there.

RONNIE SPORTS: What is your wish for your Fans/Nigerians?

SIAONE: (on a lighter mood) to my rich fans and to the rich Nigerians, please we need your support the Football Federation cannot do it alone, Corporate organizations should please come and be part of us.
I want to thank Nigerians for their support and for believing in me.
Nigerians should look forward to a better team, I will make them proud its only a matter of time, remember us in prayers too.

RONNIE SPORT: Thank you Sir.
SIAONE: You are welcome Ronnie, Thank you too

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  1. Nice piece Ronnie, lets just pray “THEY” don’t change him from his plans for the Eagles.



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