Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sunday Mba's SLAVE DEAL cancelled, back to Nigerian League

Nigeria international Sunday Mba did not sign with French second division side CA Bastia because they offered him a “slave deal”. 

Top Warri Wolves officials told MTNFootball.com that they were forced to pull the plug on Mba’s move to Europe at the last minute after they went through a contract that they claimed was not favourable to the player.

But those behind the Bastia deal have also countered quickly, saying Wolves officials were all about the cash they will make and not the player’s career.

Wolves claim Mba to still move

“This deal was not favourable to Mba because among other things it stipulated that should he be injured for four months, the deal will be terminated,” said top Wolves chief Amaju Pinnick, who available to MTNFootball.com a translated copy of the contract proposed by Bastia.

“The contract also put the player’s yearly salary at 100,000 Euros, which is not up to what he earns at Warri Wolves.

“Added to all these was the clause that should the club be relegated, the contract will also be terminated. Is
Mba a magician? So, if he is playing alongside 10 bad players and the team go down, he should take the responsibility?” 

Wolves were also not comfortable that the 250,000 Euros transfer fee agreed for the player will be paid in several tranches right up to 2015.

However, one of those behind the attempt to get the player signed by CA Bastia told MTNFootball.com Wolves officials blocked the player from getting “the best deal ever”.

“Cash was the problem. They wanted all the cash and this was not possible especially with the financial regulations now in place in Europe,” argued the London-based agent.

“This was to have been a stepping stone for
Mba, because they needed a player in his role and by January we are very sure he would have moved to a bigger club.

“Wolves also got a generous 80% sell-on clause for the player and while other clubs demanded he come for trials, this club did not.”

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