Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tunisia flirts with FIFA ban

Tunisia face the prospect of a FIFA ban after sports minister Tarek Dhiab allegedly asked Zurich to dissolve the Tunisia Football Federation.

The relationship between Dhiap and FTF boss Wadii Jarii has been frosty following a long-standing feud between the two that dates back to February.

FIFA have promptly reacted to
Dhiap’s correspondence warning that any interference from the Tunisian government into the affairs of the FTF will lead to Tunisia's suspension from all FIFA competitions and activities.

Should FIFA go ahead with its threat, it would put into doubt Tunisia’s forthcoming 2014 World Cup play-off, first leg qualifier at home against Cameroon scheduled for October 11.

That threat has forced Tunisia’s premier Ali
Laarayadh to quickly intervene in the standoff and assure FIFA that there will be no interference whatsoever from his government into the FTF’s affairs.

Tensions between
Dhiab and Jarii began last February when the FTF boss appointed Nabil Maaloul as Tunisia national team coach while Dhiab was pushing for the appointment of Khaled Ben Yahia.

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