Friday, April 1, 2011

Real Madrid stops playing Shakira’s music because she’s dating Pique(Shakira pregnant?)

Shakira posted the below photo of herself with Barcelona defender and no longer secret boyfriend Gerard Pique to Twitter on Tuesday. Fans swooned, tabloids plotted pregnancy rumors and, according to AS and Marca, Real Madrid pulled her music from its pre-match playlists.

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Though Shakira jams have been a staple at the Santiago Bernabeu over the years, her romantic alignment with a member of Real's rivals has apparently made her musical stylings no longer welcome. The Spanish press say that there was no official reason given for the change, but it seems unlikely that Real Madrid's stadium DJ would coincidentally just happen to stop liking her tunes independent of her getting slobbered on by Pique.
Also, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez would like you all to know that, as of now, this never happened...
It may look like he was giving her a Real shirt with her name on the back in 2004, but he was actually pulling it away so he could burn it.


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