Sunday, April 3, 2011


Chelsea £50mil. winter signing Fernando Torres hasn’t yet impressed, neither Carlo Ancelotti nor his football fans. Accordingly, since they signed the Spaniard from Liverpool the team are having a hard time putting all the pieces of a puzzle together, mainly trying to get a solution for Didier Drogba, as rumors said the two found it difficult to get along. However, Carlo Ancelotti quashed all the speculation, he even dismissed the possibility of him going away in the summer, at least that’s what he has been told.

“This is pub talk,” he said. “When we drink in Italy we usually say ‘bar sport’.

“If there is a possibility, they pass the ball without problem.

“I spoke with Didier about this and his thought is this: that Torres is here to improve the power of the team. And, for this reason, he is happy.

“If he thought that Chelsea had bought Torres to replace him, obviously he would not be happy.”
Torres started yesterday’s clash against Stoke on the bench and, thus still waiting to score his debut goal for the Blues. Nonetheless, the boss is adamant El Nino will find the net as soon as other team-mates provide him all the necessary support in order for him to open up a way towards the net. Still Ancelotti admits the striker also needs to put faith into his game and start performing more effectively in order for the goals to come.

“He has to improve, obviously,” Ancelotti said.

“But this has been his first two months here. If he has some difficulties building relationships with the players, that can happen.

“Sometimes he moves very well on the wrong side of the centre-back and the ball does not arrive at the same time so we have to improve this.”


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