Monday, June 27, 2011


....and im a supporter of LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB........*wink*

The new footballing couple gave photographers plenty to capture after they put on a show of togetherness in Barbados yesterday.

The Liverpool striker, 22, and his blonde girlfriend, 23, put on a tactile display of affection as they frolicked on a pontoon at the Sandy Lane Hotel.

Play with me: Liverpool footballer Andy Carroll and his girlfriend Stacey Miller frolic on a pontoon at the Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados 'I'll throw you in': Carroll tries to throw his girlfriend in the Caribbean sea, but she manages to grab hold of him

Purple patch: Miller shows off her slim figure in a purple bandeau bikini

Andy, you play for liverpool, earn a shed load of really could do a lot better than this normal chick. (FREDDIE, SUSSEX) UK.............this guy is wronng, veeery wrong

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