Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FIFA are filthy: Leaked report shows how they let crooked Warner off the hook

The full extent of FIFA’s duplicity over arch rogue Jack Warner escaping bribery charges has been laid bare by a leaked report of the ethics committee inquiry into the scandal. 

The damning findings produced ‘comprehensive, convincing and overwhelming evidence’ that both executive committee members Warner and Mohamed Bin Hammam were guilty of the cash-for-votes allegations. 

And FIFA, who have lost all credibility as world football’s ruling body, knew about these firm conclusions before they announced last Monday that they had dropped all investigations into Warner

following his resignation and that ‘the presumption of innocence is maintained’.

Warner had quit all his international positions in football on seeing a copy of the report that described him as being ‘an accessory to corruption’, clearly jumping before he was pushed and getting the cosiest of deals in return from FIFA

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