Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lightweight Boxing: Amir Khan defeated by Danny Garcia in Vegas

Amir Khan suffers a second successive defeat in Las Vegas as he is stopped in round four by undefeated American Danny Garcia. Khan spent more time tweeting trash instead of preparing for fights! Noise maker!

After the match "I always knew I would win this fight," Garcia said. "I needed a great fighter in front of me to show how great a fighter I am. Now everyone knows."

After the match "It wasn't my night," Khan said. "I was coming in with my hands down and Danny took advantage of that. He countered

very well against me."

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  1. Boxing is no longer intesting but an entertainment fixed by 2 parties

  2. Well so I noticed, I watched that match though, not a bad way for Amir khan to be subdued!

  3. LOL at Amir Khan, busy tweeting instead of practising....nice observation Sportdiva



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