Thursday, July 12, 2012

EXCLUSIVE; Interview with Super Eagle/Montepeiller FC Striker, John Chukwudi Utaka

I met with the shy and soft-spoken John Utaka during his holiday in Abuja and below is the excerpt of our chat:

SPORTDIVA - How Will You rate the present super eagles squad?

UTAKA- honestly its a good squad because itd the combination of the foreign and local based but as for me we are all professionals. The spirit is high and everyone wants to make a positive Impact.

SPORTDIVA- How would you rate the performance so far, all through the qualifiers both at home and away?

UTAKA- it was good, we are all cooperating with each other and we are all doing a great Job.

SPORTDIVA- Since your carEer begins, what has been your achievements so far?

UTAKA- I have enjoyed much of my career, I've achieved a whole lot too as a footballer I have done so well with most teams that I've worked with though there's been ups and downs in the game, good moment with the teams,and I can see the level of discipline in the present squad of Nigerian super eagles.

SPORTDIVA- what was that point that you've been down in your career?

UTAKA-every match for me is a challenge, you face a lot of things in football we train everyday, we play for close to 12mths all this are challenges. I've never been down since the beginning of my career as a professional but every match I'm playing is a challenge.

SPORTDIVA-which one of the local based player has impressed you so far?

UTAKA- Majority of them does obiora nwankwo, reuben gabriel, Azubuike and the rest of them, practically they are all good with different quality we have to balance the both.

SPORTDIVA- which Team will you want us to play in the FIFA free window for international friendly match?

UTAKA- honestly I really don't have any team in mind but if I want to choose I would want us to play south africa, it won't be a bad choice I think.

SPORTDIVA- Going Forward do you think we need more Foreign Based players in the Team?

UTAKA- practically we need everything, we need everyone what matters most is the level of the game now.

SPORTDIVA- You recently Launched your foundation in London, How was it?

UTAKA- it went well there was good turn out and we got a lot of support from around the world it was also to create awareness and help the less-priviledge that's what the foundation is all about

SPORTDIVA- what's the aim of John Utaka Foundation?

UTAKA- it help the less priviledged children, we provide scholarships for them, clothe them, get them shelter and basic amenities, we are open to volunteers, people with the same passion, humanitarians, people to donate materials to the cause, partners, sponsors and corporate body collaborations, we can heal the world and make it a better place by helping the children who are future of tomorrow.

SPORTDIVA- How soon are you likely to retire from active football?

UTAKA- (laughing) I'm just starting now, common! I've been with the national team for over 11years, my club won the French League, and I will be playing at the champions league so I'm not going to retire soon.

SPORTDIVA- Are you Married?
UTAKA- Not Yet

SPORTDIVA- when are you getting married and how soon?

UTAKA- (smiling now) I will be getting married real soon, its in my plan and you all will get to know about it when it comes. Thank You

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  1. I'm in love with this guy, can he marry me? - Jane

  2. Eishhh.... HE IS GAY... Fullstop!

  3. Well his sexual orientation is none of my business, as far as I'm concerned his performance for Nigeria was below average, I hope he shines at the Champions League. Utaka is a great Striker, Sportdiva please publish more of this interviews they are creative and informative, Regards

  4. nice interview.... John is good but probably in the twilight of his career now

  5. Nice Piece Sportdiva....



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