Friday, July 13, 2012

First Interview with Liverpool FC's Fabio Borini

After completing his move to Anfield Fabio Borini spoke to the club site to give an insight on everything we can look forward to and lots more from the new number 29.

When asked about how it feels to officially be a red..

It feels really good – and to be back in England as well. It’s a top club that has won a lot of trophies in the past – and will do so in the future we hope as well. I’ve got the trust of the manager and the club, which for me is very nice and I’m proud to be here.

Borini was quizzed on Brendan Rodgers and what it is like to play for the manager..

He was very important. I wouldn’t say it was the key, but most of it came from him. Even during last season, I spoke with him a lot. I’d text him and ask if he was okay and congratulated him on the results he got with Swansea. First of all it is a relationship of friendship and afterwards it is a working one. That is more important than anything.

I used to play 4-3-3 with him and he is very good to play football for. It is great to play football for him because you can have fun and you can get results. I could see at Swansea the people loved him because the football was attractive. People like to see football (played) like this.

They will certainly see football players that want to win, and that will always work for the team rather than themselves. Liverpool wants to get results and that’s what we’ll try to do.

Asked to describe his talents as a footballer…

I’d describe myself as a player that never gives up and I run a lot. I had difficult times at Chelsea when I was younger because I came from Italy. It was very difficult, I tried to be strong for myself and demonstrate to people I could do it. That is an achievement I have made and why I am here.

Borini said this of his excitement of being able to play along side Luis Suarez..

A lot because he is maybe another player who is similar to me because he works very hard in every game. I’ve watched a few games, and all of Europe wants him.Every player wants to play with him, so it will be a pleasure.

About the history and his ambitions Borini was positive in saying…

Yes, I am aware of it. I remember the Champions League final against AC Milan. It is very important to have this important past because you can bring it to the future and try to remake the past.

I hope to achieve the maximum I can, by scoring goals, getting into the Champions League and all of the things the club also wants – and all the other players.

A message for

the fans..

There’s not especially one, but I think with Brendan they will see good football!


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