Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rafael Nadal Speaks out after Wimbledon Loss

Spanish tennis God Rafael Nadal is speaking out for the first time ever since Wimbledon.

Rafael is opening up about his injury and whether he will ever be able to compete again.

Nadal, who was devastated for missing the Olympics due to his injury says he’s been working hard with strengthening exercises and swimming to try to get back on the court as soon as possible but it wont be anytime this year.

He said, “All that is in my mind is to keep working hard to come back,‚Äô he says. I cannot think about the future because it’s not like if you break your arm and you know you will have a few weeks like this, then a few weeks like that and then you are back. This is a day-by-day thing, I have checks every week to see how I am improving. I can’t predict what will happen.”

Although he is suffering now, the baller is still hopeful that he will make a comeback.

He’s hoping that he will soon be at a 100 percent and will hopefully compete in Australia! Get well soon Nadal! The game is definitely not as exciting with you out.

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