Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Exclusive Interview with Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) President, Aminu Maigari


The sponsors are coming back, we are in a happy moment, glo has just given a cheque of 350million naira today we Thank God.

U17/15 and all the other national team?

Its a great moment for the football family now, U20 Female got to the semi finals at the world cup, U17 female qualified too, most of our national teams are involved in one competition of the other infact the NFF has never had this in a longtime to qualify for all competitions the world is proud of us, we are doing pretty well and its a good moment

At the end of your tenure what do you want to be remembered for?

I would like to be remembered for bringing back the good days, NFF secretariat is underconstruction, its goung to have conference centre, etc it will be world class, at the end I want people to know that I've done so much and I believed I will be remembered.

NIgerians have not qualified for the nations cup and world cup, what are your plans?

I believe we are on course of course everything is ready and we are ready to qualify, we are determined.

What support do you need from Nigeria in order to achieve all your goals and objectives?

It will not be more than the normal day to day support and prayers, National teams doesn't belong to maigari they are made for nigerians and they are the stakeholders, they should come out enmasse to pray for the national team and they should look forward to seeing Nigeria win

How has the experience beign for you since you resume office 2years ago?

Infact its a combine life altogether some turbulences here and there, some happy moments here and there you have to expect in life some challenges but I want to believe but take my thinking and my knowledge most times, its a good thing sometimes I'm happy sometimes I'm not.

Come October 13 people are having nightmare already, so that it won't bw like Guinea/Nigeria match of last year are you under any pressure?

I'm not under any pressure in anyway because this is the last game of the campaign, we are forced to playdraw in monrovia but its part of the game but I want to assure you and assure the nation that oct 13 we will make Nigerians happy, we will sail through smoothly and qualify comfortably.

What are your major achievement since your resumption 2years ago?

The achievements are so obvious and are so visible, we are in the process of building super eagles, U20 female came 4th at the world cup, U17 qualified for the World cup, they're camping in portugal and will be going to azerbaijan tomorrow

When we lost againt malawi, how did he felt?

I felt bad because I was a footballer mysef so I've little knowlegde about the technical aspect and my way and style of administration I don't impose players on the coacj, if I notice anything, I regulate I don't impose player on any coach because its a very bad way of adinistration to impose players, keshi is the manager and the coach, he's in charge but its sad we lost the match

Is globacom cheque not coming late?

Nope its not coming late we are talking about money here 'monrovia, u20, South africa, U17 in camp in Portugal for 2weeks now, its money Super Eagles too its not late but it will be used to facilitate the arrangement

There's no natural pitch for us to play despite all the stadia in Nigeria, what plan do you have?

I don't have the capacity to say I can build a stadium if I have it I would have built it THE PRESIDENT HAS FORMED A COMITEE to reposition the whole sports on Nigeria headed by the finance minister, dg and sport ministers are members and I believe they will look into the stadium

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