Sunday, September 9, 2012

Keshi Reads Riot Act To Team after Liberia Match

-…Latecomers Henceforth Stay Away

Super Eagles players have been told in no uncertain terms that their display against Lone Star of Liberia, was a show of unprofessionalism and such will no longer be accepted, with Stephen Keshi declaring that he did not see enough fighting spirit in the players.
Keshi addressed the players at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Stadium in Monrovia, moments after the encounter, when surging fans prevented the team from leaving the arena. He also took time off to mention some players who did not show enough professionalism in the green white colours of the Nigerian side and said anyone who is invited and knows he will not be able to show maturity and patriotism should henceforth stay away from the national team and he will thank such a players.
“I will appreciate players staying away and saying they cannot make it than for them to come and show Nigerians that we are not serious here. I recall that when we thought we were going to play on a synthetic pitch, I called Mikel Obi and he said its not healthy for him to play on such a pitch that is the type of maturity and honesty I want from all national team players”, he howled.

Keshi also told all the 22 players that went for the battle of Monrovia, that henceforth any player invited and can’t make it the appointed time to camp, should not bother to come late as he will not be welcomed. “Any player who cannot make it on time should just stay away, because we need all the time we can get to blend for our games, because the Nations Cup is just around the corner”,  he said.

The former Anderletch of Belgium and Strasbourg of France big defence cover, said he can no longer watch the national team pick draws when victory is at the window. “With this attitude on the pitch from top professionals that are in this collection, we won’t excel at the Nations Cup, that is what we want to stop”, he said.

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