Monday, September 10, 2012

Emmanuel Emenike denies dating 2 Nigerian Actresses
Please follow the link above for more information.

After the blogger has reported that Emmanuel Emenike is dating. 2 actresses at the sametime, I met with him in Abuja and asked for further information and he said 'oh Yes I saw the report and there's no truth in it, I don't know the girls in question and I've never met them in my life before that blogger is lying and she doesn't know what she's saying'

After much persuasion, he now said ' okay
If I'm dating 2 actresses at the sametimei think this time around I will make it a hattrick if that will satisfy them and stop them from fighting' he said that jokingly

I now said don't you think they are collecting your money? 'No they're not instead I am collecting from them'

Dear Readers this was the conversation that ensued between the both of

us that day, and its left to you to decide who the liar is.

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