Friday, August 30, 2013

10 reasons why football is better than sex

Men's obsessive love of football can both baffle and enrage wives, girlfriends and women across the country.

Their adoration of the beautiful game has led some to believe they may even prefer it to sex.

·  Balls are checked for firmness

·  If a football game's boring you can leave halfway through without getting yelled at

·  High fives are considered completely appropriate
·  In football, size doesn't matter

·  You can yell really embarrassing things during football and your neighbours won't think you're weird

·  You can eat and drink while watching football

·  You can record football and watch it back when you're in the mood

·  Thee are 22 men to select from in football, in sex, doesn't quite work that way

·  In football it's common practice to apologise after a poor performance

·  It's not considered weird or dirty to watch football without participating in it

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