Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Afrobasket 2013: All the Group matches with Time

Group Matches

Tue Aug 20
CAR v Mozambique 12.30pm
Egypt v Senegal 3pm
CIV v Algeria 5.30pm
Angola v Cape Verde 8pm

Wed Aug 21
Rwanda v B/Faso 12.30pm
Cameroon v Congo 3pm
Nigeria v Mali 5.30 pm
Tunisia v Morocco 8pm

Thur Aug 22

Cape Verde v CAR 12.30pm
Algeria v Egypt 3pm
Senegal v CIV 5.30
Mozambique v Angola 8pm

Fri Aug 23

Morocco v Rwanda 12.30pm
B/Faso v Tunisia 3pm
Congo v Nigeria 5.30pm
Cameroon 8pm v Mali

All times are GMT

Sat Aug 24

Mozambique v Cape Verde 12.30pm
Senegal v Algeria 3pm
CIV v Egypt 5.30pm
Angola v CAR 8pm

Sun Aug 25

B/Faso v Morocco 12.30pm
3pm Mali v Congo
Tunisia v Rwanda 5.30pm
Nigeria v Cameroon 8pm

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