Friday, March 29, 2013

Florence Omagbemi should be the next Super Falcons Coach – Ayo Omidiran

The deputy chairman of the house committee of sport and the former Nigeria national team coordinator, Ayo Omidiran told that Florence Omagbemi should be considered for the Falcons job.

Ms Omidiran explained that during her tenure as the chairman for women football development in Nigeria there were few female coaches that are qualified for the job but things has really changed today, she said ‘When I was the chairman for women football development we had only male coaches we didn’t push for a woman technical crew because of their level of experience’

She said further that ‘now things are different, we have a lot of them (Female Coaches)’
When asked her to nominate a qualified female coach in Nigeria, Honourable Ayo Omidiran said ‘I have worked with Florence Omagbemi during the U20 female national team camping I saw her work and I think certainly she’s capable of handling the female national team as the head coach’

‘that’s not say others are not qualified compare to the others that I have seen that worked and I have seen also the way the girls reacted and relate to her, they listen to her and they bond well’

She quickly defends her statement by handling all decisions over to the Nigeria football federation. She said ‘however the decision to choose a coach depends squarely on the Nigeria football federations technical committee let’s see how things work out’ she concluded

The Nigeria Football Federation will soon announce the names of the head coach and assistants of the super falcons.

Former head coach, Kadiri Ikhana resigned after his failure to play at the semi-finals of the last African women championship in Equatorial Guinea.

Article by Aderonke Ogunleye

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