Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sharks FC coach Gbenga Ogunbote clears the air about his contract

The Newly Employed Sharks FC coach, Ogunbote has opened up about his employment terms.

The Coach told that the issue of his contract is all of a sudden a big deal and that its his own personal business, he said 'Well, The issue of me signing a contract for Sharks FC is everywhere and I wonder why people are so interested in it, as far as I'm concerned its my business and I will keep it to myself its not for the public consumption whether I sign a contract or not'

'Officially my appointment with Sharks FC will start on Tuesday next week' he added

Speaking further to about his plan, he said he's here to lift up the club to higher grounds, he said 'I'm here to excel, I'm also here to take Sharks FC to a higher and achievable ground in the Premier League and together with the players and officials cooperation we will get there'

He refused to make any comment whether he wants to win the League or not he only said 'I don't want to react for now, whether we are going to win the league or not just watch out' he concluded

Gbenga Ogunbote was the Head Coach of Sunshine Stars of Akure.

Article by Aderonke Ogunleye

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