Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Footballer Salaries 2011: Messi and Mourinho at the Top

France Football 2011 survey findings showed that Barcelona’s Lionel Messi is the highest paid payed player in the world, receiving a total of €31 million from his salary and publicity deals in 2011.

Jose Mourinho hit the highest paid managers top with an income of €13.5 million, beating rival Barceloa’s Pep Guardiola, who came second with €10.5 million, followed by former Inter Milan caretaker Raphael Benitez (€10.2 million). The manager of England national football team Fabio Capello comes forth with €8.5 million.

However, Messi would have to go a long way if he wants to beat the highest paid sportsman of all times, golfer Tiger Woods, making a total of €53 million. Cristiano Ronaldo, probably the most popular of all, follows Messi, with a revenue of €27.5 million. Red Devil Wayne Rooney comes third with €20.7 million.
The English Premier League turns out to be the highest money-making league with seven representatives in the top 20 list of highest-paid players. Former Premier League members, David Beckham and Thierry Henry, both currently playing in the MLS in the United States, are now listed fifth and eleventh, with the income of €19 million and 13.6 million respectively.


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