Wednesday, March 2, 2011


According to our source, he said he s stressed out and wants to stand down from his job he told a French radio station FRI on Sunday, ' i ve had 37 years in football, thats a lot, and whats more? i am a member of FIFA and the international Olympic Commitee, its very restrictive in terms of all the travel, you are all time on an aeroplane, you're all the time stressed out'

Hayatou who last November rejected claims made in a british television documentary that he had received payments from bankrupt marketing firm ISL, he was elected CAF President for the first time in 1988

His current term ends of office concludes in 2013

He told RFI, 'I am 65 years old, i reckon its time to think about standing down and leaving but i dont know what Africans will think of that, But for me personally, I WOULD LIKE TO QUIT


Can this man be serious? he has been ruling African Football for solid 22years and all he could say now is that he wants to quit, is this a cajole/do i call it a reverse psychology? he has held onto to power for too long though he has made a huge impact in our Football BUT i think he should QUIT.

                                                            ISSA HAYATOU

what do you feel?

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