Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Peeps im so happy and i felt loved by the volume of  messages that i received from you over the weekend i missed you too, well like i would like to thank my Sponsor (names withheld) for the kind gesture all i have to say is Thank You!

hmmm, well it was a week long event, ELITEful and COLOURfull though my escorts see it as a boring game but like the face of the girls and guys that came for the event, (enough networking according to them)wink*wink*

The Event came to an end on Sunday and everyone there was happy.

People like ERELU DOSUNMU, DEOLA SAGOE, SAYYU DANTATA (CEO, MRS oil and gas, he just bought over chevron's downstream..well... you can google it!), TAJUDEEN DANTATA, FRANCISCO, BODE, YINKA, IBIWUNMI, SOME PEOPLE'S NAME WITHHELD......AND SO ON whom i have the opportunity to speak directly with: the interview will be posted on my blog one after the other so as not to choke you guys with too much stories........

meanwhile im working on my website and by Gods Grace you guys can view wider news and gist on it......according to Public request and cravings!


Stay here for the Excerpts..........dont go nowhere

LASGIDI AND TRAFFIC (my head is shaking****)

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