Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dagger thrown at a Nigerian referee, Another referee was slapped!

.....hmm as usual it was another weekend of Royal Rumble in the Nigerian National League matches, A player of FC ABUJA beat the centre referee black and blue 'hehehe' after their home loss to EL-KANEMI FC in Abuja, subsequently at another match a desperate fan threw a dagger at a referee which gave him a deep cut in his ear lol(seriously i hope the ear has not been DETACHED from his head) hahahaha

On a more serious note, whats our league matches turning into? cant we just be at peace with oneself? for how long will this continue, barely a month ago a player beat a referee and an unidentified person drove into the pitch with full speed with the intention of hitting the Centre referee (i posted the story on the 8th of February 2011) check it out!

More stories to come up soon...stay here for the judgement passed on these offenders, pleeeease dont go nowhere.....


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