Wednesday, March 30, 2011


At last, Ghanian soccer star and CHELSEA FC of England midfield Michael Essein ends rift with Dad.

Micheal phoned his Dad and apologised for whatever wrong he might have done him and the once-infuruated old man has accepted his apologies.

At the moment Essien has resumed his support for the elderly man after a lengthy conversation they had to iron out their differences.

Mr. James Essien an ex footballer had turned to the local media for over a year now claiming that his son has abandoned him. Things got a head last week when the father threathened to end the chelsea star to court to stop using his family name.

Mr James Essien played for hearts of oaks during his playing days.

below is his conversation to an Accra based FM:

my own Son Michael Kwabena Amponsah Essien phoned me yesterday and we spoke at length, there was a misunderstanding between us but i want the world to know that we have resolved this issue as Father and son. i am very happy that my son took the bold step to call me for us to solve this problem. All the problems have been solved. May God bless him ' I will never go to any radio or newspaper to talk about Michael in derogatory terms again, he said however Essien ha resumed his duties fully which he suspended when their relatonship turned sour.

well, on my own part that  a nice move fromMichael Essein though he abandoned them as kids but wants to reap where he didnt sow , now that he has money.....well thank God hes not poor this man woulndt have remembered him, nice1 Michael i love you. Give him what he want, 'givers never lack'

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  1. its about time
    enough of the washing of dirty linen in public already!



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