Monday, April 22, 2013


Nduka Irabor was sacked by club owners and has been ordered to be arrested for impersonation by registering Nigeria Premier League for himself, NFF to be summoned to EFCC for Fraud and Impersonation.

The Chairman of the Nigerian Football Association Elvon Jarett has taken the Nigeria Football Federation to EFCC for receiving funds illegally from the federal government on behalf of the NFA.

Speaking to pressmen today in Abuja, Mr Jarett said that the crises that is before the NFA is the league and that Nigerians deserve to run and possess an effective league the Chairman believes that the involvement of the NFF in the political affairs of the NFF will tamper with our league and he further said that anybody toiling with the league is toiling with the future of igerian football that’s the interest of the NFA and all football loving Nigerians

Mr Jarett said that ‘the club yesterday after their meeting yesterday sacked the LMC led by nduka irabor, and I want to tell Nigerians that what the club did is in consonant with FIFA statutes because the NFF doesn’t have the right to meddle into the affairs of the league’

He continued by saying that ‘there are two court orders that declare NFF illegal, Justice Abang and Okoruwa declare them illegal and they have no right to set up any committee to run our league, we also won’t forget that the solicitor general of this country has also advice the NSC not to give funds to NFF in his letter dated June 7 2011 to the NSC and that’s to also prove that the NFF is illegal’

‘As  I speak now we have taken the NFF to EFCC and I am sure by tomorrow they are supposed to be inviting them to EFCC for the funds they have been collecting since they were illegal, the affidavit made them NFF not NFA’
‘when they set up the LMC there was an illegality, Maigari who is the president of the NFF which isn’t registered in the country a body that deposed the affidavit, he registered his name as the chairman of the NFA which we found disgusting, nauseating and illegal, we are calling on the police to arrest nduka irabor and his cohorts wherever they are because what they did is impersonation and fraudulent and right now we are making arrangement to go to court even to the level of suing the Corporate Affairs Commission and we have already asked CAC to withdraw the registration  of the LMC, there is also a letter to the IGP declaring them illegal’
‘We support the clubs on their decisions yesterday, we support their action though it wont stop the league’

Explaining his eligibility as the chairman of the Nigeria Football Association to Premium Times, Elvon Jarett said ‘naturally we are stakeholders, I own a football club in this country people that we thought to be NFA came out from the blues and said they are not NFA but NFF and the law recognizes NFA and stakeholders met and found a vacuum and having gone to the affidavit we met and I emerged an interim Chairman of NFA, until the then-minister of sport set up the board of the NFA as we know that it’s the minister that is charged with the responsibility to take over sport and the stakeholders met and merge as an interim board which was inaugurated by the then-sport minister’

‘we are not saying that maigari should go but we want them to come out and be addressed as NFA not the NFF, until then I still remain the chairman of NFA so the NFF is fraudulent and illegal’

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