Friday, April 5, 2013

Taribo West dismissed age cheat allegation


Retired central defender Taribo West has dismissed the allegation written against him about age cheat

“I think he is out of his mind. If I were 40 in 2002/2003 (season) as he claimed, how old would be now? He is not a serious man,” Taribo countered in an interview with Complete Sports.

“After I left the club, I still played for seven or so more years at the top level. I don’t know how that is possible if I was indeed 40 then as he claimed.

“I am just going to ignore him because his allegation is standing logic on its head.”

But the Croatian media have also alleged that Taribo lied about his age when he tried to join Rijeka club.

The star defender said he was 32 then, but club doctors suggested he could have been about 44 after an examination revealed his knees showed he was much older than he claimed.

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