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Anu Iyanda is Nigerian originated but lives in the United Kingdom, he was a student of Nike Football Academy, hes hoping for the best in future and praying to God that he get a good club ASAP, Below is the interview that was conducted with him by Ronnie Sport, please read on!

RS; Can we meet you?

Anu:My name is Anu Iyanda

RS; How much are you looking forward to making your entrance to the National team?

Anu; As a Nigerian playing for the Nigerian National team would be a dream come true. When I started playing football that was what I set my eye on and by Gods grace I’ll get an opportunity to be involved with the team.

RS; What has been your professional experience?

Anu; I was on a two week trial with League 2 side Dagenham and Redbridge FC here in London late last year. It was a great experience to be part of the professional set up and train with players with more experience in the game than I have. I learned a lot and that experience has helped me to sharpen various aspects in my game.

RS; How do you train/how do you prepare for each match?

Anu; Apart from training with my football club. I do quite a lot of work on my own both on the field on the gym. I focus on keeping my fitness up and I also work on aspects of my game such as control and speed which is one of the vital things in the game today. The day before a match I like to get early night and before the match kicks off I pray to God for his help because with God all things are possible.

RS;As a Nigerian, have you been keeping an eye on the Local?
> ANU; Yeah I do keep my eye on a few results once on a while.
What do you feel about the local league/which one is your favourite?

RS; Have you ever being under any pressure?

ANU; Yeah. When you play football there is always pressure. There’s pressure for you to perform when you’re not having such a good game. There’s pressure when you join a new club and you need to show your manager and new team mates what you have to offer. I just try to stay calm, give my all and leave the rest to God.

RS; What’s your best and worst moment in football?

ANU; One of my best moments in football was being selected out of about more than a thousand young players in the Uk to take part in a Nike football camp. It was a very good experience where I was coached by highly rated coaches in England and also being selected to play in front of the Arsenal manager (Arsene wenger). It was an overwhelming experience.
One of my worst experiences in football was not getting a professional contract with Dagenham and Redbridge FC after my two week trial. It was a very trying period for me especially to deal with that sort of rejection but I think I came out strong and has helped me become a stronger individual all round.

RS; What’s your favourite football club?

ANU; I am a very big Chelsea fan.

RS; Which club are you willing to play for at the moment?

ANU; I would love to play for Chelsea but at the moment the most important thing for me is breaking through into the game.

RS; What are your plans?
ANU; My plans for the next two years by Gods grace is to get myself established in the professional game. The rest is in the hands of God.

RS;What do you do for leisure?

ANU; During my leisure time I like to read my bible, catch up with my friends and watch football on the television.

RS; What’s your message to Nigerians and you’re Fans?
ANU; My message to Nigerian fans is stay strong be positive and put God first.My message to my fans is thank you for all your support and watct out for me.

RS; Which other game do you play apart from football?

ANU; Apart from playing football I play tennis. I am involved in few athletic sports such as long jump and long distance running.

RS; What’s your favourite quote?
‘The past counts for nothing when the future is at your feet’

RS;Thanks for your time
ANU; its my pleasure Ronnie

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