Wednesday, February 2, 2011

brief about me on my birthday

My Mum woke me up very early today with prayers, i was moved to tears when i heard my Dad's voice at the background also praying for me i feel so loved by this lovely couple tht brought me to this world though i have done things that i shouldnt do again, i have failed severally, things were rough and tough BUT i thank God for my spirit ability to tarry and move on with my life, i dont follow the crowd instead i go to where theres no path and i create a way,,,,thats me...the trailblazer.

My Sport history, well, as the only female child of my parents i grew up in the midst of my brothers and numerous uncles(my extended family is male-dominated) i played football with them when growing up, i use to be a TOMBOY lol, i dress like them, bounce like them and talk like them LMAO!, i got a turn around when i gained admission into the University i changed evrything and gave my baggy jeans, timberland, converse, bandana scarfs, face caps, big teeshirts, etc to my younger brother and i embraced my skirts and dresses,i dont joke with departmental games my ex classmates can bear me witness, i was given 2awards at the final year award nite of my department....SPORTSWOMAN OF THE CLASS and TOMBOY OF THE CLASS , i was the LIAISON OFFICER UNIBADAN ROTARACT CLUB, VICE PRESIDENT EKITI STATE STUDENTS UNION, I obtained a form to contest for the post of TREASURER Student Union Government University of Ibadan but was threatened by some thugs sent by a lady an opponent (ill never forget her, she was a law student before her rustication due to the embezzlement of Students Union MOney hahha) an opponent so i abandoned the campaign i aint a coward but i dont want to die! i lived in Queens Hall, played football for my hall, was the chairman Sport commitee QUEENS HALL, contested for Sports Minister QUEENS HALL (i was too popular to be opposed then so i went unopposed) but i was dropped cos my GPA then wasnt up to second class upper, (u call me olodo abi? go and study ECONOMICS IN UI then u will know? well after school i found myself working in the football house Abuja,,,my passion continue growing i want to do more so i took the courage to resign and do my thing in sport it earned me an honour of CAF RECOGNITION...its my journey so far in plan in future hmmm i wont say it now, but watch out for me at the top...all in the world of sport......i support LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB, that why i will never walk alone

Well i club once in a while, im religious, i live life and i work hard at the sametime....i received more than 2000 private messages on facebook and some messages on my twitter account today only, numerous wall wishes, sms and phone calls..i feel so loved, and im grateful to God, though i dont have a best friend(im not a loner)but im a friend to myself, i cherish the love i received from my Colleagues also...its so good to be twenty something..i thank my Lord for the gift of life....

I am an aquarian, im blunt, very funny but very sensitive at the sametime, i speak my mind, as in, im very bold i believe so much in God and myself and an ardent follower of Jesus Christ...i dnt smoke but snuffed cigarrete like twice at a niteclub sometimes ago..i use to drink 5shots of vodka to calm my nerves whenever im angry which makes me sleep immediately but time and maturity has changed that mentality.....i only drink white wine at home once in a while....or not an alcoholic!

I dont really like girlfriends, but i believe much more in a malefriends i dont have a best friend, because i have had my own share of lies, backbiting, dissapointments in the hands of both sexes which make me NOT to trust any living my life and im happy the way i am, i dont need an additional stress

Everyone is entitled to their life and im entititled to mine, live your life and stop talking about know what?! i dont discuss people; that has long gone........if you wanna know more abt me(if neccesary) please contact me!!!!

At this point i want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOI!!!!

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