Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I am single and loving it……why do I have to feel guilty, I work real hard about it? Why do I get the kind of look from those fancy? I work, it doesn’t seem to matter……….

What the hell is wrong with mankind? Is it because im a female? My male counterpart had a table laid before them while I get mine lay by myself; even then its like a waste of time…..
Let me share with you something I came across something in the past, read and marvel………..

He makes his 1st million – HES WORKING
She makes her 1st million – SHE DEFINITELY SLEPT HER WAY THROUGH
He gets promoted – HES DEDICATED
She gets promoted – SHE IS DATING THE BOSS
He buys a new expensive car – HE HAS GOOD TASTE
She buys a new expensive car – SHE PROBABLY GOT IT FROM HER ARISTO
He is seen with lots of women – HE CANT HELP IT, THEY CANT RESIST HIM
She is seen with lots of men - SHES A SLUT
He got an award – OF COURSE HE PAID D PRICE
She got an award – SHE HAS A PRETTY FACE

Did I hear you say this can’t be true, read this please?
A friend got a better job that came with a better package and a posh car plus driver. Poor lady expected her family to be happy for her…..but guess what she got a cold shoulder
Her father exact words my daughter when you bring your husband we will celebrate
Believe me, my friend truly went husband searching………yours truly was sad for her, but there was nothing I could say to change her mind….there was no church service she didn’t attend in a bid to meet him….MR. RIGHT

And eventually she found a man, only he was MR WRONG they were married in two months in a wedding she personally sponsored and guess what she has become his punching bag, as her friend I do not get to her anymore because Mr. husband says so
Should we sacrifice our freedom for some blows on the face because we want to be called Mrs. something? Do I hear an answer?

My advice to single women out there, be the best you can be, love yourself and never let anyone push you to settle for less, just wait for your time it will come but before then let us bare our mind.
As for me i take life one step at a time, I believe there’s time for everything there is time to be single, there is time to be married, time to have kids, there is time for a divorce (for some people it’s a matter of choice), time to be widowed, time to remarry (optional), time to die and time to live.

I am single and loving it….what about you?

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