Thursday, February 24, 2011

Celestine Babayaro is broke; are you kidding me?

Hey guys, Do you remember Celestine Babayaro? Former Nigeria International? Well in what can only be described as shocking he has been declared bankrupt…Yep…his petition for bankruptcy was published in the London Gazette…which is the official journal of records of the British Government.

At his prime Celestine played with top English team Chelsea, earning a cool £25,000 a week.

According to Nigerian Tribune, neighbours say they feared he had fallen on hard times because the upkeep of his £475,000 home in Middlesex had slipped.

The house is also next to the home where his younger brother Kennedy lived till his death from tuberculosis in 2007.

A neighbour, who lives on the same street as Babayaro said,
You can tell money’s difficult because the home used to be maintained really nicely, but now it’s a bit of a mess. “You can see where the conservatory is starting to fall down and the garden is completely overgrown. They came and asked to borrow my lawnmower but I had to say no because the grass was too long and would have broken it.

I don’t know what to say about this, a part of me feels sorry for him…but I also think these ballers/actors/musicians need to be aware that they can’t be on top for ever…if you are lucky you get a good 5 year run! Invest your money…how can you go from making £25,000 a week to borrowing your neighbours lawnmower?!

People never learn.
Does anyone know if he still plays football, cos he bankruptcy order declares his profession as unknown.

I remember when talk was all about Celestine dating glamour model & WAG wannabe Cassie Summers. She also worked her way through some of the Chelsea team bagging Michael Essien & Steve Watts. Her exploits are all detailed in her book…yes she wrote a book! Google it


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