Tuesday, February 8, 2011

....player slapped referee in Taraba...a supporter drove with full speed into the pitch aiming at the referee, Ayo Rahaman,

it was like play play when OSADE OSUNDE witH jersey no 29 slapped the referee because his club played draw at home when Jigawa Fc came for an away match in thei

r Home,,this are the words of the Ex. Secretary NNL, please lets read the interview that i held with him in his office yesterday.

Sportdiva: Can i meet you Sir?
Ayo:My name is Ayo AbdulRahaman the Executive Secretary, Nigeria National league.

Sportdiva: When was the Commencement of 2010/2011 league season?
Ayo: The league commenced on the 12th of december 2010 and its expected to end by 12th of June 2011, it will run for just six month.

Sportdiva: Discipline wise how has it been with the League?
Ayo: The 2010/2011 league has been promising since Decemeber 2010 except this week when we have serious assault by a player on the referee, he slapped the referee and beat him after which an unidentified supporter drove with full speed into the pitch with the aim of hitting the referee, Ronnie its a serious matter.

Sportdiva: What measures of punishment would you mete on the Club?
Ayo: The Player has been suspended indefinitely, while the club have been banished to Kontangora pending the decision of the disciplinary Commitee of the Nigeria Football Federation(NFF)

Sportdiva: How have you been coping without Sponsors?
Ayo: It has not been easy, everybody knows that its not easy this is the 3rd season of the League, the 1st season was sponsored by the federal government since then nobody has been sponsoring us.

Sportdiva: Do we expect money into the League before the end of the season?
Ayo: Yeah; talk is going on with prospective sponsors, telecoms giants are struggling within themselves to get the title we are avoiding crisis so that they will not be discouraged; there are still chances for interested corporate organizations and potential sponsors.

Sportdiva: What has been the challenges apart from Sponsorship/funding?
Ayo: No supervision of the league, no access to TV Broadcast and so on, it still comes back to funding.

Sportdiva: I wish you all the best and a hitch free Season.
Ayo: Thanks

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