Monday, July 18, 2011

'Air hostess reveals details of her tryst with Ashley Cole as it emerges the footballer has asked Cheryl to remarry him'

An air-hostess claimed she slept with Ashley Cole just days before he flew back to London for ex-wife Cheryl’s birthday.
Speaking out: Air hostess Kerry Meades has claimed she enjoyed a series of romps with Ashley Cole around time he asked Cheryl to remarry him, it has been claimed

But shortly before her bash, where the couple made a very public reunion in front of their family and friends, the singer was left stunned when her ex-husband Ashley Cole asked her to re-marry him, it has been claimed.
Will they or won't they? Ashley and Cheryl Cole's reunion seems doomed as further accusations against the footballer emergeBetter left in the past: Cheryl has told Ashley to delete her number and move on
According to The People, Chelsea and England player Ashley called Cheryl last Wednesday at a hotel in Los Angeles and asked her if she wanted to tie the knot again.

A source told the paper: ‘Yes he did decide to ask Cheryl to marry him again, it’s true.’
But now the Girls Aloud singer has now been dealt a fresh blow with the claims of Virgin Atlantic steward Kerry Meades who alleges that she bedded the footballer while he was in LA last month, The Sunday Mirror has reported.

Kerry added to the paper that she had already slept with Ashley in 2004 before bumping into him at Supper Club in Hollywood on June 17.

The stewardess claims the footballer propositioned her on the night but she refused his advances, but later arranged to meet him at his rented mansion.

She told the paper: ‘Once we got inside the villa, Ashley asked “Shall we go upstairs now?”’
She alleged the pair shared a jacuzzi and he got her a drink

Kerry explained: ‘He came back and repeated “Can we go upstairs yet?”
'We went inside and started walking up a big spiral staircase. Just then the door opened and everyone standing in the kitchen could see us.’
‘We were holding hands and at least six or seven people must have seen but he didn’t care.’
Loverat: Ashley, pictured here at the Dead Man Running premiere in 2009, has been caught red-handed again
Loverat: Ashley, pictured here at the Dead Man Running premiere in 2009, has been caught red-handed again

She added: ‘He was very caring and made me feel very special.’

Reports that Cheryl and Ashley were getting back together gathered pace after he jetted back from a holiday in New York earlier this month to attend the singer's 28th birthday party.

Cheryl is currently in America with her brother Garry Tweedy.

Although a spokesman last week refused to be drawn on Cheryl’s personal life, a source said: ‘Cheryl wants to resuscitate her profile in Hollywood, but she is focusing on her musical career for the time being.’

Kerry isn’t the only girl who claims to have bedded the footballer, as two other girls, believed to be bikini models, have made similar allegations after apparently meeting Ashley in Hollywood.

Max Clifford told the Mail: ‘In recent weeks, three girls have been in touch with me claiming to have had recent relationships with Ashley Cole.

'They will be coming to see me and I’ll see if there is any evidence to back up these allegations.


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