Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nigeria Flying Eagles 'arrested' by Colombian police

Nigeria's Flying Eagles got a surprise welcome gift on arrival in Bogota for the U-20 World Cup when Colombia's national police put up a super show for them Sunday morning.
The musical assemble of the Colombian police sang and danced in honour of the team for about an hour at the Bogota airport. Such was the warmth of the presentation that before long the players and officials also joined in with some even suggesting that the music was very similar to that of the Tiv in Benue State.

It was therefore not surprising that defender Terna Suswan, a Tiv, seemed to enjoy the welcome the most.
The team later connected a local flight to Armenia, which lasted about 40 minutes. The team's Media Officer Samm Audu said that it was a scary experience for most of the team as the Fokker 50 tossed around in the air several times.
However, the shaken nerves of the team were soon relaxed by another singing welcome party led by a visually impaired, beautiful girl at the Armenia airport. And again the team joined in the fun.
The Flying Eagles are the first team to arrive Armenia and they are booked into the exotic Las Camelias Hotel, which is about half an hour drive from the airport.
Soon after lunch, the players were ordered into the swimming pool for a quick dip.
In 1999, Armenia was completely destroyed by an earthquake and so the city of about 300,000 people had to be rebuilt from the scratch.

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