Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo wears a watch that tells the time in four different time zones

He's a Portuguese footballer currently on tour on the west coast of America with a Russian girlfriend who's based in New York.

So it's perfectly reasonable for Cristiano Ronaldo to purchase a snazzy new watch which displays four different time zones. 

The Real Madrid star was pictured with the luxury timepiece attached to his wrist as he headed into training in Los Angeles. 

Luxurious: The Italian-made watch is based on the four valve cylinder heads that power the 1984 Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS Quattrovalvole

Ronaldo's watch is the Quattro Valvole by Italian watchmakers Meccaniche Veloci.

Inspired by the 1984 Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS Quattrovalvole, which is powered by four-valve cylinder heads, it features four mini watch faces which display the time zones of the owner's choice. 

Each of the watches runs on its own Swiss automatic mechanism of very high precision (calibre 2671) all enclosed with titanium fixtures in a billet aluminium casing.

Its aluminium box surface is treated with a neo-quartz procedure, following the same hardening processes of most high-performance engines.

The strap is typically made in calfskin or alligator skin, with cord seaming, secured to the aluminium box through four screws in polished titanium that secure the watch, making it water tight up to a pressure of 5 atmospheres.

International jetset: Cristiano Ronaldo is pictured heading into training in Los Angeles with his multi time zone Quattro Valvole watch onThe Quattro Valvole is priced at upwards of £2,150. At watch specialists Frost Of London, the most expensive model retails at £21,420 - a mere plop in the ocean for Real Madrid's striker. 

Ronaldo's model has a gold-face which appears to suggest that it may have been specially commissioned for the millionaire football star. 

Taking into account Ronaldo's international connections, it's perfectly feasible that he would have such a watch. 

His family originate in Santo António, Portugal where the time zone is GMT +1 and he plays football in Madrid which is an hour ahead of that (GMT +2).


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