Saturday, July 30, 2011


follow this link to read details of their visit few days ago here

MANCHESTER United star Rio Ferdinand sparked a White House security alert by posting pictures of the US President’s guards and private rooms on Twitter.

The Manchester United football ace Rio Ferdinand was rumbled by secret service spooks who removed the images from his site and mobile phone.

Ferdinand, 32, was bemused his innocent “holiday snaps” were ruled a security breach during his team’s tour of the Washington landmark.

ut his brush with the US secret service left him rattled.

He Tweeted how he felt like he was being watched by a Jack Bauer-type character. Bauer is played by Kiefer Sutherland, 44, in TV spy series 24.

The £30m centre-back was visiting the White House with his team as part of their pre-season US tour.

A meeting with Barack Obama, 49, was scrapped as the President battled to solve America’s debt crisis.

In a series of messages sent directly from the White House, Ferdinand posted a picture of himself in the state dining room followed by the message: “Ma chilling in the ‘State Dining Room’ no sign of any tea bags!!”

But trouble flared when he posted a photo of some of the President’s security personnel.

He wrote: “The security needs beefing up here at the White House....!!” Seconds later the picture had mysteriously vanished.

“Whoa....some1 has got into my phone + taken down my pics off twitter....this is jack Bauer in Washington?!

“What an experience having the opportunity to go into the White House, thank where are my pics????

“My pic of the security was removed quick, rapido, sharpish, fast....they don’t play here in DC...I feel like I’m on 24 right now.”

Ferdinand later trained as normal with his team but the security alert was clearly still on his mind.

He wrote: “Training just done in DC....feels kinda weird...feel like I’m being watched by some undercover jack Bauer type hacked into etc.”

Earlier the wise-cracking star had joked that the President had been Tweeting him about their impending meeting.
He messaged: “Just landed in Washington, kinda hot still! A guy of huge importance has just DM’d me + asked me to visit him...just checking my schedule!!”

A spokesman for the White House said they were not able to discuss “security issues”.


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