Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One on One with Olanrewaju Yemi Mayowa of Ocean Boys FC, Bayelsa State

Yemi is a young Nigerian Footballer with local and international experience, he is a 19years old DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER, he discussed his Experience, Career goals, Aspirations, Achievements and Challenges with Me: Please find the interview below:

Q: Who is Olanrewaju Yemi Mayowa?
A: Am just a young guy like every other footballer,am a very determine and focus player. I have a dream and am working towards making a mark

Q: When and Where did your playing career begin?
A: I started at cosmos united in kaduna, year 2005 to be precise

Q: Could you please tell us about your present club?
A: Am presently in Ocean boys FC, Bayelsa State .we are not topping the league table at the moment but we will definitely survive it.we ve a crop of young good players.though i joined them in mid-season from Kwara united FC, Kwara State.

 Q: What are some of your achievements so far?
 A: Hmmm,am just a young player but i thank God so far,it has been great,i ve won dana cup in Denmark and a lot of international exposure.i ve had a lot of recognition from scouts outside but i would like to keep that to myself.i just thank God for everything.this is ‎​my second premier league this season

Q: When did you move to where you are at the moment and do you think your club can get to the top 10?
A:  I moved during the midseason,i believe we re going to make it to the top ten,we still have eight matches to the end of the season and we re working towards that.

Q: What do you feel about the local league/which one is your favorite?
A: Of course the league is improving but we still have a lot to do to, get close to what is being obtained outside the organization, management, the welfare packaging has to improve.
  The referees too has to improve in their officiating: I pray this would be ‎​my last season in the local league. It is good to have such experiences but one need to move abroad to get one career to the next level.

Q: Whats your best and worst moment in Football? 
A: Hmmm,everytin has its ups and down,‎​my best moment has to be when i sign for Kwara united because i was the youngest player in the team that have a great player like Olawale Isiaka who happens to be ‎​my favourite player.‎​
My worst moment is not been able to secure contract this year with Alesunds FC in Norway, i did enough to get something.infact Solomon Okoronkwo has to commend me because he is with the club now.he was surprise i was not given a contract.

Q: What do you do for leisure and if you have the opportunity to play outside the African continent which club will you choose?
A: I like staying indoor,so ‎​my leisure time is to be with ‎​my family and listen to music.i have a great family who have been supportive in ‎​my career.i would like to play for Chelsea FC soonest but i won't mind playing in Germany first because i so much like the league and it suits ‎​my pattern of game.

Q: Which other games do you do apart from Football maybe at your passtime?
A: Am fully attached to football,so i don't have any other sports i do

Q: Dont you think you have been overlooked for the National team?
A: For the National team, I don't think I have been overlooked, I was invited to the last Under 17 camping but it is so unfortunate i wanted to travel then which made me leave the Camp, as for the Present Under 20, I would have loved to be part of the team but i know ‎​my own time and chance will surely come.

Q: What would be your parting shot to many upcoming players?
A: For the upcoming players, football goes beyond what many people think it is,and like i used to tell those i come across,u‎ have to see beyond where you are and be focus, it takes determination, dedication, discipline and Gods Grace to make it, things has not been very easy as it seem it is always from one challenge to another but that is what it takes to be a champion.

Q: Lastly whats your Life's Philosophy?
 A: My life Philosophy is give all u‎ have and have all you give, it takes courage to conquer so u‎ have to always give your best and hope for the best.

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