Monday, July 25, 2011

Rooney's Wife and Rooney's Prostutite clashed in a club (ROYAL RUMBLE)

In her black mini-skirt and skyscraper heels, she was clearly dressed for a fun night on the town.
Catfight: Escort Jennifer Thompson did not get a warm welcome when she went out in Liverpool
Jeni, Rooney's Prostitute

But the smug grin on the face of Jennifer Thompson – the prostitute who says she slept with Wayne Rooney suggests she was also up to mischief.
Strong as ever: The couple weathered the allegations and are still together
Wayne and Coleen Rooney

The former public schoolgirl managed to trigger a catfight on Saturday when she ‘deliberately’ ventured on to Rooney’s wife Coleen’s turf, showing up at one of the WAG’s favourite haunts.

When she was spotted by a member of Coleen’s party, friends of the footballer’s wife started hurling abuse at Miss Thompson and chased her through the streets of Liverpool.

The prostitute, who charges £1,200 a night, told last year how Rooney had paid her for sex while Coleen was five months’ pregnant with their son Kai, now 20 months old.

Miss Thompson claimed the Manchester United and England star had slipped away from his £4.5million mansion in Cheshire to meet her at Manchester’s five-star Lowry Hotel seven times – including for a threesome with fellow prostitute Helen Wood, 24.

So it is perhaps unsurprising that when she arrived at the exclusive Mosquito Bar in Liverpool, she did not receive a warm welcome

Clare Rooney, Wayne’s cousin and Coleen’s best friend, spotted Miss Thompson, 22, as she pulled up in a taxi outside the cocktail bar in the city’s Met Quarter. According to onlookers, Clare raced towards Miss Thompson to challenge her.

While Coleen, 25, remained in the bar, her friends apparently unleashed a torrent of abuse, shouting ‘slag’ and ‘you ****ing piece of ****’.

Miss Thompson, daughter of an oil company executive, made a hasty retreat, despite her platform heels, but was chased for 30 yards by three of Coleen’s party before they gave up and returned to the bar.

Wearing a see-through black vest top and waist-length hair extensions, Miss Thompson was undeterred and was later photographed entering nearby Newz Bar.
Liverpudlian Coleen, who wore a white mini-dress and matching peep-toe shoes, was said to be aware of the argument but had remained inside the Mosquito Bar.
Miss Thompson, who signed up to an escort agency at the age of 19 under the name ‘Juicy Jeni’, had been on a tour of Liverpool’s bars as a ‘guest DJ’.

Described as ‘attention-seeking’ and ‘fame-hungry’ by friends, she has been accused of capitalising on her high profile and is said to be hoping to launch her own escort agency later this year.
A friend of Miss Thompson’s said: ‘Jen knows which bars Coleen goes to, so it will have been no coincidence that she showed up there ... That is just Jen for you.’

Sportdiva says: hehehehehe Takes two to have an affair...... you don't see Coleens mates chasing wayne away though. Might be because of the weight of his wallet.

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