Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Arsenal - Alex Song to face Jail Term

The Arsenal midfield star, 23, was charged with malicious wounding while on holiday in his home town of Douala in Cameroon last month.

Song has not been arrested and does not have to appear at a court hearing on August 18. But if found guilty he could face two years in prison.
Alex song

Song insists he did not touch a student in an alleged late-night bar brawl on June 7.

But Ludovic Achille Mouaha told an initial hearing: "I was with my girlfriend. She went to the bathroom but when she hadn't come back after 15 minutes I went to see if something had happened.

"Two bodyguards blocked my way telling me I couldn't use it because Alex Song was inside.

"He then came out and was visibly angry. I ended up in a drain and afterwards went to hospital."
A representative of Song told the judge: "Some fans asked for his autograph including a young woman.
"The plaintiff later caused a scuffle and Alex's bodyguards reacted. But at no time did Alex lay a hand on the plaintiff."

Only God knows the Truth, Justice shall prevail

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