Friday, July 1, 2011

John and Toni Terry are seen in a romantic clinch while holidaying

Oh, isn’t it romantic? Look at footballer John Terry and his long-suffering wife, Toni, as they gambol and frolic on holiday in Abu Dhabi. Splish, splosh, they are having such fun on the beach!

Terry tenderly kisses Toni. She smiles gratefully and fondles his bicep as if she was sizing up a beef tomato for firmness. What sauce. Then she applies another coat of flashbulb-proof mascara and adjusts her floss-string pornokini. Thwack! Toni Terry is ready for her close up.

PR stunt du jour: John and Toni Terry are seen in a romantic clinch
Isn't it romantic? John and Toni Terry frolic on holiday in Abu Dhabi

Third outfit of the day: Toni desperately tries to keep her man's eyes on the ball

*smh* Of course these wives are giving a 2 fingered salute to the malicious women who tried to destroy them and their marriages! Good on you wives!! A cheap one night stand comes very very cheaply.....but you can't buy love. What a bitter lesson for all those mean minded scarlet women. When all is said and done....the footballers only marry the ones they love....

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